We've all heard nightmare stories about so-called 'custom' shops laying down a hack job on a customer's vehicle and still having the balls to present them with an outrageously high bill at the end of the whole ordeal. Roger Lomas, a Ground Zero truck club member from Kingsville, Texas, found himself in a position such as the one described above and before he knew it, the odds of seeing his '05 Dodge Dakota bolted back together were shrinking with each passing day. This story dates way back to 2006.

Thankfully, Roger's luck took a turn for the better when his truck was handed over to Briley's Paint and Body, in Lake Charles, Louisiana, for the cosmetic portion of the build. Dusty Briley is a straight shooter and once he saw the quality of work done by the aforementioned shop, he alerted Roger and the decision was made to let Dusty take over the rest of the build. While at Briley's shop, the Dakota has undergone a thorough healing process, as much of the previous work had to be touched up or completely redone altogether—a headache indeed, but one that will be alleviated with the truck's finished results.

So far, the Dakota has received a stock-floor body drop, a custom back half, shaved mudguards on the front fenders, antenna, gas door, 3rd brake light, and tailgate handle. The rear doors have been given the ol' suicide treatment and the handles have been relocated. The 20/22-inch Intro Twisted Vista wheel combo is likely to stay, but there are a few modifications left that are still yet to be determined. Roger would like to extend a special thanks to the entire Briley Paint and Body crew, Dusty, Ean, Don Pugh, Mark LeFerve, and his family for supporting his truckin' lifestyle. It's nice to see that the chips are finally stacked in Roger's favor.