Quad Cab models are gone for the HD lineup, with the HDs getting their first Crew Cab model for '10. So while '09 had a gap in the lineup with no traditional Crew Cab, offering regular, quad, and Mega cabs, the '10 HDs will not offer the Quad Cab that is available on the 1500s.

The ride in the new Heavy Duty trucks benefits from new shock tuning and fluid-filled body mounts at the rear of the cab. We spent more than 100 miles in the most basic of work trucks, no carpet, no power accessories, bench seat, etc, and the ride was surprisingly smooth and quiet. Some of the credit has to go to the new suspension tuning and body mounts, but the door design and seals that were new for the '09 1500 that carried over also help keep wind noise down. The biggest surprise for the base Ram HD was the price. Our base regular cab, longbed Hemi 2500 listed for $28,165, which is, according to Dodge, $1,970 cheaper than the model it replaces. The lower price trend continues with the new Crew Cab models priced slightly less than the smaller Quad Cab model it replaces. Even the Mega Cabs are cheaper than the '09 models.