Inside the Crew Cab doors, the Reyna Bros covered the seats in black leather with orange stitching, smoothed and painted the door panels, dyed the dash black and painted several dash pieces to match the exterior. Looking down on the black leather seats is a suede-covered headliner with 3-D flames. The steering is solid billet and matches the Dima wheels. A Kenwood KVT-614 head unit plays tunes through Kenwood speakers and DVDs on the 7-inch screen.

No tow rig would be complete without some extra ponies to help pull and the Ford's 7.3L turbo diesel benefits from a cold air intake, five-position custom chip, Dominator Diesel 4-inch exhaust, and a beefed-up transmission with billet shafts. The Dana 60 rearend features 31/2-inch shorter axles to help tuck the dualie wheels and the A/C was fabricated to make room for the front wheeltubs. Now Milo can connect the gooseneck trailer, load up the Ford with his brothers, and cruise in comfort while just a few inches off the ground.

Telling us to "Get ready for the show truck," we can't imagine how nice his C10 is going to be with a hauler of this magnitude. Understanding what it takes to get to this point, Milo was quick to thank his family, Mind to Metal, and Sara for her support.