To be at the top of one's game is usually diction used for athletes who have worked hard and achieved acclaim by winning a championship of some sort. For a custom truck enthusiast, being on top of one's game means having a unique design concept, the ability to see that design to fruition, and the discerning eye to ensure every detail is attended to. The reward is being happy with the end result, perhaps a trophy given at a show, and earning the annual Truckin' Top 10 Truck award. We pride ourselves on photographing only the best of the best in the custom truck world and for 2009 we witnessed trucks on a whole new level. To say we were impressed is a huge understatement, as we had trouble whittling down the list of top trucks to only 10. Before you send us hate mail, no we didn't accidentally leave off the cover trucks. The craftsmanship and level of execution performed for the cover trucks were so incredible we would have filled up the Top 10 with covers alone, so in fairness to the other trucks, we opted not to include them. They've already been acknowledged as the premier trucks in the country and they've experienced 15 minutes of fame.

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Issue 1
2003 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson
Chris Hyslop - Tom Rivers, New Jersey

Customized from top to bottom, front to back, Chris' F-150 is so subtle with its dark hues that you may not realize the amount of quality work put into it. 'Bagged over 24-inch Centerline wheels and Toyo tires, the SuperCrew features a molded body kit, molded Navigator front end, and shaved body. Inside the four doors, a leather-covered cabin with LED lighting, fiberglass center console, and real wood impress all who see it. Lift open the tonneau cover and more real wood, LED lighting, and a fiberglass island with two Memphis subs will make you give it two thumbs up.

Issue 2
1936 Ford Ute
Paul Knowlson - Muskegon, Michigan

An absolute gem of a find, Paul's '36 Ford Ute was shipped in a container all the way from Australia. One of the rarest of the rare, rather than just return the Ford to factory condition, Paul turned to Kevin Yankey, who during the 7-year build, replaced every nut and bolt and built a truck Henry Ford could have never imagined. The words "one-off" can't be used enough when describing this truck, as Kevin hand-fabricated much of steel body. DuPont paint was used to add color to the metal surgery and the custom frame supports the body. A truck that leaves you scratching your head at every new glance, Paul's Ford is in a class all to its own.