Equipped with an Omnex wireless remote that does just about everything but drive the truck, the user can deploy and retract an awning and level or lift the tires off the ground to install snow chains or swap a flat tire thanks to four 24,000-pound hydraulic rams. The remote also tilts the bed, via a huge 17,000-pound hydraulic piston. Once the bed is fully lifted, the forward bulkhead hinges down to allow for the loading of up to two quads or a handful of motorcycles. If you're not toting anything up top, the "upper deck" can be raised to allow for more headroom in the rear bedroom/seating area of the cab. The tilt function also allows for the loading and unloading of a Jeep, UTV, or even a sports car into the diamond-plate flat load floor of the custom bed.

We can't imagine any other vehicle that combines all of the attributes of the Dunkel Industries truck. It's a far cry from anything we've ever seen. With luxury amenities inside, all of your toys on the outside, and the world at your doorstep, what more could anyone ask for?