Inside, you won't find a radio, but you will find white vinyl-wrapped Nissan Pathfinder seats, complete with gold glitter, that were wrapped by Ray Miller. Mooneyes gauges can be seen through the '50 Chevy Deluxe steering wheel. Nostalgic products like Champion spark plugs, Quicksilver oil, and even Shakespeare tackle boxes can be found resting above the tan carpet. Ronnie is never left without the proper fishin' tools, thanks to several fishing lures mounted to a cork board and outlined in hot-rod pinstriping.

As a long-time oil field mechanic, Ronnie hasn't lived a pampered life. Kyle wrapped up his surprise for his dad best by saying, "I took a little bit of nothing and made something of it to change someone's life-it feels great to do something like that." We agree and we're sure Ronnie has an ear-to-ear smile every time he fires up his ol' truck and goes for a cruise.