Any custom truck enthusiast knows that any self-respecting hauler just isn't complete until its cab has been given a healthy helping of attention as well. For sounds, an Eclipse AVN 50D head unit serves as the center of attention, but the 12-inch Kicker CVR sub connected to the Kicker amp behind the rear seat are definitely close runners-up. Terry Wade undertook the wiring duties while Curtis, along with some help from Brian Stewart, handled the wrapping of his stock seats with Katzkin Tuscany Amaretto leather. For those of you who don't already know, Curtis is an established leather worker, so tackling this portion of the build came all too natural for him.

There you have it, just another out-of-this-world grade custom that serves multiple purposes while out on the road. You'll never catch this truck on a trailer, in fact, it will always be the workhorse that is pulling the trailer, hauling his motorcycle, and looking as classy as any pampered queen who may be hitching a ride.