In an attention deficit disorder-filled world with instant visual gratification, an all-white Chevy Silverado may just be the punch to the kidneys we need to reel us back to our roots. Thinking back to the days of subtle mods (stuff the average guy misses), trick body massaging, and placing emphasis on quality over quantity, Tim Donelson, of Alvin, Texas, unearthed these old-world truck aficionado traits to express his vision of a hot-rod-infused new-body style Silverado. Clean. That simple word best describes this not-so-subtle Silverado. But it's what he left off that may be his biggest statement of all-Tim's Chevy has no graphics, no flames, no color, and little, if any, bling. How does a white truck land on our esteemed cover? Once you've opened your mind to accept the absence of pigment, the tremendous amount of ingenuity and custom work performed will transform your concept of custom.

Tim told us, "I like it when old hot rodders come up to me and say they like all the attention to detail I put into the truck." It's this "less is more" mindset that Tim used to build his truck dubbed "Color Blind." Wanting his truck on the ground, but not cluttered with unnecessary welds, bends, and crossmembers, an hour drive was made to Houston, home of Ekstensive Metalworks. While there, Tim met with owner Bill Carlton where the two agreed on a proper foundation for this wild Chevy. An order was placed with Art Morrison for a set of 2x4-inch mandrel-bent framerails and upon their arrival, Tim got to work welding on a pair of tubular Ekstensive upper and lower A-arms, bolting on a set of Belltech 2-inch drop spindles, and installing Slam Specialties RE7 airbags. Out back, Tim bolted on Ekstensive's tried-and-true two-link to the 4 1/4-inch-narrowed rearend, and installed Slam RE7 'bags, Monroe shocks, and a chromed Panhard bar. Half-inch hardline was used throughout for the suspension and is hidden inside the mandrel-bent rails. GC 450 valves control the air coming from the 5-gallon tank, which is filled by two Viair compressors.

For the ultimate in appearance, Alamo Customs, in Alvin, smoothed and painted every piece of the chassis, and even the wheel hoops. Tim bolted on a set of 26x10-inch Giovanna Peggs wrapped in 295/30R26 Pirelli tires. The Chevy now had a whole new appeal and looked sinister with the black and white Giovanna wheel combo. With the body bolted to the frame and the air let out of the 'bags, the fenders swallowed up the 26-inch rollers and the rockers gently rested on the Texas tarmac.