Romping through the mud, snow, and any other obstacle in his path, Brian Walker, of Springfield, Illinois, doesn't worry about nature getting in his path. Reason being, he and his brother Dave own 2 Brother's Custom Trucks, also in Springfield, and purposely built this 2008 Toyota Tundra to be the ultimate have fun and go-anywhere 4WD. The two brothers know custom trucks inside and out, as they've built several of them featured in these pages before, and when it came time to create a show-and-go Tundra, both brothers worked diligently to up the ante. As mentioned on page TKTK, while Dave was taking more of a show-style approach to his Tundra, Brian wanted a rig that was tough and aggressive, like a Rottweiler. Once word got out that a top-quality Tundra was being crafted, several sponsors got on board and requested the truck be brought to Vegas for the SEMA show. Built in an amazingly-quick four weeks, the race to meet the SEMA deadline was on and as Brian found out, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

As a long-time Chevy truck enthusiast, Brian took one ride in Dave's Tundra and decided a new truck was in his future. Picking up a new Tundra, 2 Brother's Custom Trucks was just the place to get Brian's Toyota up off the ground and after ordering a 6-inch Stage II lift kit from Pro Comp, the mayhem ensued. On went the laser-cut drop-down crossmember, along with Pro Comp lift spindles, Pro Comp skidplate, and MX2.75C coilovers. Out back, lift blocks and Pro Comp traction bars were bolted in place and the Tundra suddenly had a whole new attitude. Forever changing the 'tude of the Tundra, BMF SOTA wheels, sized 20x9 inches, were mounted on the Tundra and serve notice to the public that this truck isn't your cookie-cutter lifted truck. Adding to the lifted profile and aggressive nature of the Toyota are 37x13.50R20 Toyo Open Country M/T tires. Helping slow the Crew Max, EBC Brakes rotors and pads replaced the stock hardware. If towing is required of Brian's bruiser, Ride Rite airbags were installed in the rear and keep the fullsize truck level in any situation. Now that his truck had extra capability, Brian focused on getting more power to the ground and keeping the fun at an all-time high.

Popping the hood, the 5.7L is no slouch from the factory producing 381 hp, but stock is never an option for 2 Brother's Custom Trucks and after some wrenching, the Tundra was brought to life. Providing the rumble, a JBA stainless exhaust was bolted on and connects to the JBA shorty headers. More air exiting the truck required extra air entering, and an AEM Brute Force intake keeps fresh air in the intake manifold. Loving the throaty exhaust note and neck-snapping torque of the i-Force V-8, 2 Brothers looked to make the 'Yota stand out in a crowd of lifted trucks at SEMA.