Let's take a second to explore an area of your truck that probably gets overlooked most when the time comes to cut and customize. The bed is what makes your truck, well, a truck. It not only represents utility and function, but it also offers a whole new world of possibilities as well. When 'bagging or static dropping your truck to a certain height, cutting and tubbing is a must anyway, so it only makes sense to get creative if time and money allow. Who isn't attracted to quality metalwork, a little paint, and a strategic arrangement of air management components? Of course, bed modifications aren't only limited to wheeltubs and visible air tanks and compressors, as we've been seeing some mind-blowing bodywork, paint, and all sorts of innovative styling that is truly captivating. We won't get into too much detail just yet, but follow along and see for yourself. These examples of hot, modern-day bed trends that we've hand selected are sure to lend a little inspiration to your personal build.

A few of these box modifications have been recently showcased in our pages before as they are attached to some our favorite feature trucks, but a few them belong to future feature rides, so expect this story to double as an impromptu sneak peek as well.