The attention to detail didn't stop with the shaping of the C10's exterior, as can be noticed with a brief peek inside of the cab. The bench seat and custom door panels have been covered with beige and brown leather, and the party solely responsible for the complete hide redesign is Arlo's Upholstery in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. A Billet Specialties 'Hustler' steering wheel was planted on the dash to tie in with the similarly designed spokes of the exterior SLC75 wheels. With a healthy amount of billet accessories peppered throughout the cab, the need for a sonically dynamic audio system quickly presented itself. An Alpine head unit was sunk dead center into the custom dash, and an entire cast of Alpine amps, speakers, and subs were strung together to achieve the purest of audible bliss.

If you've reached this point in the story and are still questioning this C10's credibility as one of the cleanest ever built, by all means, show yourself the door-quickly. Having owned this truck since May of '87, Richard spent only two years nurturing a seemingly far off vision of his dream vehicle into a tire-screeching, pavement-punishing reality. That's not long at all given the fact that this truck's impact will resonate in the minds of custom pickup enthusiasts across the globe for many years to come.