Big Mike and Stan at Hardcore Audio in Bakersfield, helped Kyle reach his goal of elevating the already high-end audio that the F-150 was equipped with from the factory. The SYNC head unit was left intact, but four JBL 12-inch subs mounted in the bed take the bass to levels that Ford engineers never imagined. With a flowing fiberglass enclosure in the bed and pods in every door, Hardcore filled the truck with JBL amps and components and gave Kyle the key to the audio with a Rockford Fosgate 3Sixty.2 31-channel equalizer and crossover controller. With most of the obvious audio in the bed, painted dash pieces and carbon-fiber door trim from Superior Dash make the biggest visual statement inside the truck, while Katzkin leather upholstery and a suede headliner installed by Achilles Tovar take the F-150's looks upscale. Rear-seat passengers are treated to their own Vizualogic headrest monitor DVD players and the whole cab is brightened by a Webasto GrandView sunroof that stretches nearly the entire length of the cab.

Remember those Nitto tires we mentioned earlier? Well, they're put to the test now that the 5.4L V-8 ingests 8+ pounds of intercooled boost by way of a ProCharger centrifugal supercharger. Kyle gave a few of the ProCharger parts some attention and now they wear the same hues as the exterior. Tuning chores are handled by a Superchips programmer. The resulting horsepower boost is more than enough to make up for the additional weight of the audio system, and the loping idle just begs you to tip into the throttle.

So, how was the truck received at SEMA? We were stunned, the crowd seemed to love it, and Ford, while they had their worries (they thought it was a bit low), couldn't deny that their product looked great in the hands of a master customizer. Kyle wanted to thank Chris at Roughcut Customs, Big Mike, Stan, Dave, and Rob for their excellent work on the truck. We can hardly wait to see what Kyle cooks up for next year's show.