Looking in your rearview mirror doesn't usually raise your heart rate. That is, unless you see flashing red and blue lights or a blacked-out, lifted dualie, with crossed .50 cal pistols on the grille. The aforementioned dualie is owned by Phoenix native Justin Veit and the view from either end of the Chevy is as intimidating as playing Russian roulette with a loaded .357 Magnum. Taking a $50,000 stock truck and tearing into it is a little crazy, but when you own a customizing shop called Insane Kustoms, it's what you do. Built to showcase how much fun can be had in a daily driven tow rig, this '09 Chevy Silverado 3500 dualie is one hard-hitting HD and still manages to turn heads everywhere it goes.

Starting with a 4WD 3500, Justin worked with Desert Rat Off-Road Center in Phoenix to lift the dualie a total of 8 inches. Using a 6-inch RCD drop down bracket and spindle lift, head installer Reuben added Ready Lift 2 1/2-inch torsion keys to get the front end up into the clouds. Out back, a simple lift block and new lift leaf springs keep the rear happy when towing. Bilstien shocks at each corner smooth out the ride and for the ultimate in big truck style, Justin looked to go crazy with the wheels and tires. Contacting Ekstensive Metalworks for six of its 24-inch billet dualie wheels, the massive rolling stock was shipped from Houston and ready to be installed. Wrapping each hoop in LT315/50R24 Nitto Terra Grapplers, the dualie looked unstoppable and ready for anything. Keeping with the big but useful theme, a pair of Amp Research retractable power steps were bolted on to make getting in and out a breeze. With such big wheels and tires, big power was needed and Desert Rat once answered the call.

While in Lucky's care, the front end of the Silverado was painted black and long, wispy flames were laid down along each side. The orange pinstriped flames add a hot-rod look to the burly rig and with the all-black leading edge, the truck seemed to take on a split personality. Speaking of that leading edge, it was enhanced by a black-powdercoated No Fear .50 cal pistol grille and projector headlights from Recon. Also from Recon, the smoked LED taillights, smoked marker lights, LED third brake light, and smoked cab lights lend to the menacing look of the dualie. To finish off the dualie, Justin recruited Matt Andrews, who works with Lucky, to add his signature clowns to the tailgate. With the final sinister clown completed, the truck was ready for its debut. And what a debut it had, as it helped anchor one end of our SEMA lineup at the '09 show.

Justin's creativity never ceases to impress us and driving in this beast en route to our photo shoot, people seemed to get out his way like the parting of the Red Sea. After being passed by the huge dualie with black flames, they're told "Have a nice day" from the three not-so-happy clowns on the tailgate. Just another day in the life of Insane Kustoms.