With the right amount of external attitude in place, it only made sense to continue the trend inside the cab. Black leather and suede were wrapped around the low cut, beltless seats, courtesy of Chuey's Custom Upholstery in San Antonio. A curvaceous center console was fabricated by Pro Tech Audio in Lake Charles, who also wired BJ's truck with a 10-inch Polk Audio SR series sub that sits at dead chest level, and Polk 6.5-inch components that have been seeded into each fiberglass door panel. Boston Acoustic amps keep the juices flowing so BJ never has to go a single second without submersing himself in blistering sound waves.

One sound in particular that BJ will certainly have to get used to hearing, however, is the congratulatory praise that will be flowing in from every direction. Since purchasing the truck brand new, BJ patiently counted down each and every monthly payment because he knew that he wouldn't be able to make any real progress until he had extra money in his wallet. Without the support of his sister, Karen, and the talented individuals who came together to lend a hand on the project, BJ might have had to wait a lot longer for his dream truck to come together. In the grand scheme of things, this is just another story about a hauler of amazing pedigree, and an owner who kept his vision in plain, attainable sight.