As the owners of the fastest and quickest LSX-equipped 5th-gen Camaro, the Brooks' family had a brand-new 6.2L LS3 in the garage and it didn't take long to get LMR Engines, in Houston, to strip the LS3 down and install its "Reaper" package, hence the Sierra's name. Now powering the GMC, the LS3 features an aggressive cam, CNC-ported aluminum heads, long-tube headers, and an MSD ignition. Providing an impressive 600 hp, David and Trey are likely a once-seen, once-missed blur around town with the 40-inch tires breaking traction with a tap of the throttle. Happy with the GMC's chest-thumping roar but knowing what it could be, they met up with Chuck Coupland for something fitting of a hearse with a bed.

Chuck is the main man behind Coupland Signs, in La Porte, Texas, and specializes in signs, but he's also an accomplished airbrush artist. With the "Reaper" engine package in place, Chuck was certain he could apply a menacing grim reaper design engulfed in blue real-fire to the truck that would have people politely getting out the Sierra's way. Using House of Kolor Kandy Blue, the artwork is phenomenal and very realistic. Proudly etched in the Grim Reaper's scythe, the GMC logo seams to have easily slain a big horn on the passenger side and a Blue Oval wasn't any luckier on the driver side. Skulls and tiny skeletons crawling on the Grim Reaper's bones like kids at recess are also present on the Sierra's sheetmetal. Other exterior mods included an RBP mesh grille, ANZO USA headlights, HID lights, and smoked Recon LED taillghts out back.

If any truck needed its own theme song, The Reaper should arrive to Metallica's "Enter Sandman" blaring and watch as the seemingly innocent run to their pillows at night.