The interior remains close to stock, with hidden audio upgrades and custom-embossed Classic Soft Trim leather upholstery that was installed by Todd Abraham of Advance Performance Design. Another interesting feature is the Phantasmic Entertainment Inc/ProVision 3-D holographic imagery projector that was installed by Malibu Customs owner Rick Spears. When the tonneau is opened up and the projector is deployed, the logos of the companies involved in the build seem to float in space in front of the viewer.

The highlight of the truck is no doubt the paint. Jimmy Knight of Malibu Customs prepped and painted the exterior of the truck, along with the wheels and engine plastics, with DuPont Hot Hues materials to get them ready for the airbrush work of Mickey Harris. With no projector and using only his sense of proportion, Mickey lightly airbrushed the outlines of the vehicles, aircraft, and military members before laying down any final, full outlines. Using tape and often pieces of paper for straight edges, Mickey spent weeks airbrushing the truck with scenes depicting every branch of the U.S. armed services, separated by a waving Stars and Stripes. The driver side features the Air Force and Marine Corps, the tailgate illustrates a Coast Guard rescue at sea, while the passenger side is reserved for the Navy, including a SEAL team, and the Army. The hood is home to a huge bald eagle, while more than 60 eagles can be found, with careful inspection, throughout the truck's exterior. A favorite of spectators is the intricate detail of the stars within the flag, as each stitch of the embroidery is visible in the airbrush strokes. If the truck is every anywhere near you, make a point of seeing it in person.

Currently being towed and displayed across the country, when the truck completes its tour it will be auctioned off by Barrett Jackson and proceeds will benefit Speedway Children's Charities and the Fisher House. The Fisher House serves as a home away from home for the family of military members who often travel in order to obtain the best medical care possible. With 45 Fisher Houses located at 33 military installations and VA hospitals, they are able to provide 10,000 families a year with free or low-cost housing across the United States as well as Germany. As with all charity auctions, Barrett Jackson will waive all auction fees. To check out the schedule of the truck's tour to see it in person, visit and to find out more about the charities and to make contributions, visit and With hard work and dedication to a good cause, this project will make a huge difference in the lives of those that have sacrificed on our behalf.