Not only does The Tin Shop have their hands dipped into the fields of paint and fabrication, they also wired the pounding sound system as well. A Pioneer head unit has taken center stage in the web of Pioneer subwoofers in a Virtual Logic box, separates in the doors, and hidden amps. The entire dash was pulled free, and a custom fiberglass center console was built, but to get both to look their very best, they were sanded as smooth as glass and painted, before billet accent pieces were peppered throughout. Wally wanted his interior to be as attractive as possible, so he scouted the local talent pool, and selected Mike Lippincott, aka "Jersey", to cut and wrap the stock front bench seat with black and red vinyl. Mike didn't stop there, however, as he upholstered custom door panels to match, and even went as far as incorporating '57 Chevy armrests into the mix for nostalgic flavor.

2009 was a big year for Wally and his dynamic dualie, as they hit the road and travelled all over from Scrapin' The Coast, the RA All-Star Event, Blooddrag Kentucky, and World of Wheels, where it claimed first place honors in its class. This year has also been a whirlwind for them thus far into the show season, but the truck was built to beat on during these hot summer months. While you're cruising the highways of America, check every lane and try to spot a cleaner tow hog as this one. We can pretty much guarantee that this dualie's contenders will be few and far between.