Issue 12
1965 Chevy El Camino
Travis Reif - Las Vegas, Nevada

Travis Reif's first '65 El Camino had to be sold because it got so far out of hand that he got frustrated with it. So he started on his second '65 El Camino. This one is dropped to the ground with 2-inch drop spindles, Hotchkis upper control arms, Ride Tech 'bags, QA1 shocks, and Hotchkis tie-rod ends up front. Out back are Hotchkis boxed trailing arms, Ride Tech airbags, QA1 shocks, and a Chris Alston Fab9 9-inch rearend. To get this custom suspension moving, Travis threw on a set of 20-inch Boss wheels and Nitto tires. Wilwood big brakes sit behind the wheels and help slow the 350ci V-8 powered Elco. The engine is upgraded with a GM performance Parts hot cam, Holley carb, Hedman headers, and Flowmaster mufflers. For the interior, Travis had a pair of Glide Engineering seats covered in leather and suede. When in Vegas, watch out for this Elco terrorizing the streets.

Issue 13
1957 Chevy Cameo
Mark Espino - Houston, Texas

Mark Espino of Houston, Texas bought his '57 Chevy Cameo with a Camaro subframe and an Apache fleetside bed already on it. But he wanted more. Starting with Impala drop spindles, Firestone 'bags, and a ladder bar setup, Mark got the truck super low. With the addition of 22x8.5-inch and 24x14-inch Bonspeed Atom wheels, Pirelli tires, and '07 Corvette Z06 big brakes ,the dropped Chevy could roll and stop in style. To make it scream along the Texas highways, a 454 big-block was dropped in with a Turbo 350 transmission. The interior is comprised of a black and red leather bench seat, a matching Bonspeed steering wheel, and a killer sound system. These components come together nicely to make a machine fit for Truckin's Top 10.


Issue 10
2002 Chevy Silverado
Sergio Gonzalez Jr. - Los Angeles, California

Sergio Gonzalez Jr. spent ten years serving our country in the United States Marine Corps. When he got out, he had one thing in mind- finish his custom '02 Silverado. Sergio wanted his truck to lay out on 26s. It does this with the help of custom upper and lower control arms with uniballs, a reversed triangulated four-link, and a narrowed rearend built by Chassis by Aaron. Contitech airbags help it go up and down to cover up the 26-inch MOZ Sapphire wheels and Hankook Vestus tires. Finally a set of 14-inch SSBC rotors and equally beefy calipers give "The Blue" a brake. Inside, Sergio went with a combination of manufacturers for the sound system: JL Audio for the subs, Alpine for the amps, Focal for the door speakers, and Alpine again for the head unit. The only thing factory about the interior are the seatbelts, and that is exactly how Sergio wants it. Sergio, thank you for serving in the U.S. Marine Corps and one more thing...oorah!