Rich Schreiner’s Blazer roadster is hard to beat when it comes to cruising, but what happens when the weather gets nasty and the rain comes to town? Simply park the roadster safely in the garage and whip out this silver C10. Although the roadster’s bright paint and crazy modifications might overshadow its inconspicuous stablemate, the custom bodywork and just-right wheels give his second ’67-clipped C10 a totally different look that’s classic in its own right.

When Rich purchased the truck, it was nearly in the state you see it in now. The factory frame had already been stripped and painted before DJM lowering components and ‘bags were used to drop it over a set of 22-inch wheels. Now it rides on staggered Boss 338s, with 20x8.5 in the front and 20x10-inch hoops in the rear. The Super Finish Gray wheels are the perfect match to the paintjob, which is gray in the shade, but shows off its blue highlights in the sunshine.

We can’t mention the paint without bringing up the bodywork. Like the roadster, the truck owes its custom metalwork to none other than Bob Grant, at Grant Kustoms. Bob shaved the driprail, stake pockets, door handles, and added the Cali combo and flush-mounted LED taillights to streamline the truck. The ’67 front clip was fitted with factory polished trim and mimics the two-tone gray and silver from the wheels. As we said, a perfect match.

Rich’s garage is definitely one that we’re jealous of. With the Orange roadster and this sleek, simple C10, the choice of what to cruise is a nice problem to have. With any luck we’ll be showing you more of Rich’s personal collection and you can share in our garage envy.