Alot of times in the custom truck world, we see the same trucks passed around from owner to owner. Most of the time, that truck will just become better and better with each new owner. But sometimes, the person who bought the truck either has too many projects or other things going on in his life to really take care of it. This 1998 GMC Sierra has just that story. It was one of the first trucks to come into Chad Anderson’s shop, Metal Asylum Kustom Finishes, in Glendale, Arizona, right after he opened his doors more than seven years ago. The owner wanted shaved handles and custom paint, so Chad did just that. Soon after, the owner sold the truck and then it was sold two more times before Chad found it again, in very sad shape, in the hands of one of his club mates. Working out a trade of work for the truck, Chad was able to build the GMC and appreciate it to its fullest.

First, the body had to come off the frame in order to build a solid foundation. Ryan Cronstrom, in Mesa, Arizona, boxed the frame completely before bolting on a set of Chassis Tech drop spindles and Airbagit deep drop A-arms up front and a one-off four-link in the rear. A bridge notch was cut into the frame and AIM 2600 airbags, fed by ½-inch Asco valves, were installed along with Toxic shocks all the way around for a comfortable, lowered ride. For extra show points, the frame was completely painted black and the suspension components, shocks, and brake drums were painted or powdercoated burgundy. For rolling attire, Chad decided on a set of 22x9-inch KMC Slide wheels with 255/30R22 tires.

On the body, the original shave job that Chad did seven years ago still remained and was in great condition, which was not the case with the rest of the body. Every panel had a scratch or dent in it. Chad, being a painter, stripped the whole truck to bare metal and started over. Originally, Chad shaved all of the handles, the brake lights, stake pockets, roll pan, and antenna. The only other modification remaining from the original truck was a 2¾-inch body drop done by Lowboy Motorsports, in Mesa, Arizona. To clean up the front, a cowl hood was installed along with a smoothed wiper cowl. With the body naked of all paint, every dent was pounded straight and smoothed. Several coats of House of Kolor Indigo Blue with shifty red and shifty aqua flake were then sprayed. Next, a layer of traditional flames with even more flake was laid down in custom burgundy and outlined in lime green pinstriping. Finally, Chad had Terin Dumas, of Los Angeles, airbrush a sexy bandida on top of the tonneau. With the paint complete, Chad cut the tips off of four ’59 Cadillac taillights and filled the holes with .45 caliber shell casings and installed the lights in the AIM roll pan. An AIM smoothie bumper was installed up front and the factory chrome grille surround was modified to fit even more .45 shell casings while a pair of spikes from the hood of a 1958 Dodge were molded onto the GMC logo in the grille. Also, the factory headlights were taken apart and the insides were painted to match the burgundy flames. It’s these small touches that make this truck stand out from other ’88-’98s. To finish off the body, custom mirror mounts were made and a sliding, ragtop sunroof from was installed.