Rob’s F-100 really does everything well. This year his truck had better brakes, more hp, and can now compete with the best.

Finishing Second in last year’s THROWDOWN event, Rob MacGreggor, of No Limit Engineering, didn’t take too kindly to having his ’55 F-100 not take home the gold. After an entire season of competing in Goodguys Autocross events, Rob had his old Ford dialed in and ready to compete. With a freshly rebuilt 392ci Ford Racing engine making more power than last year, the Ford proved it was ready to kick butt and take names. Rob also upgraded his brakes to big 14-inch units from Baer, which served him well under hard braking. Looking as flat as a stock car going through and around the cones, his F-100 is a sight to see. Interesting enough, Rob’s truck only won one event, but it did however, place Second in the stop box and road course, which provided enough points for First Place overall. Last year, we didn’t give him high marks on styling because he was missing a hood and running boards, but this year, the truck was complete and looked great. Owning a company that focuses on making old pieces of steel handle like sports cars, Rob proved his Blue Oval is an all-around performance g-Machine and proudly took home the title of THROWDOWN champion. To see video action of Rob and all the other trucks at THROWDOWN, visit

At A Glance
Rob MacGreggor ’55 F-100

Engine: 392ci Ford Racing V-8 with Performance Products fuel injection, No Limit headers, and K&N filter
Trans: Five-speed manual
RWHP: 335
Suspension: No Limit Big 10 chassis with IFS and coilovers front and rear
Brakes: Baer 14-inch drilled and slotted rotors with six-piston calipers in the front and 14-inch rotors with four-piston calipers in the back
Wheels/Tires: Intro 18x9-inch wheels with 265/35R18 BFG T/A KDW tires front and 18x12-inch Intro wheels with 335/30R18 BFG tires in the rear
Weight: 3,380 pounds
Pros: Rob absolutely beats on it and the F-100 just keeps running hard
Cons: It may be time to change the paint/chassis colors
Slalom time: 7.51 seconds
Quarter-mile: 13.61 @ 99.4 mph
Stop Box time: 8.99 seconds
Road Course: 1:02 seconds