We asked Jarod Andrews, the owner of this deadly Dodge, why he built it. He simply told us, “It was something to do for the shop.” That shop, Pensacola Autoworks in, wait for it, Pensacola, Florida, helped Jarod do something many custom Ram owners don’t do—lay the frame on the ground over 26-inch wheels. Something sinister this way comes.

Dumped on the Florida tarmac, the Ram’s suspension was modified with Belltech drop spindles, Air Lift 2600 airbags, and ½-inch hard line. Stuffed under the front fenders are custom-painted Forgiato Inferno wheels and 295/30R26 tires A wishbone and ’bags in the rear allows the Dodge to tuck 26x11.5-inch Forgiatos that help add to the sinister look. Pensacola Autoworks handled the suspension work, where the Ram also received its custom paint.

Before spraying a drop of color, the original 2002 front end was swapped in favor of the bolder and newer 2006 front clip. Sacrificed to the welder, the gas door, rear bumper, and antenna were shaved smoothed. Pensacola Autoworks also relocated the rear door handles to the front of the door and converted them to suicide opening, adding a classy and oftentimes overlooked body mod. House of Kolor Oriental Blue was then applied to the smoothed truck, which was quickly coated in airbrushed skulls. An ARE tonneau cover caps the bed and Anzo projector headlights along with a billet grille add some brightwork to the nose.

Inside the Quad Cab, conversations are barely heard amongst occupants as two Kicker 18-inch Solo Baric subs pound out bass as epic levels. Powering the audio mayhem is a 10,000-watt Soundstream amp and a Kicker amp for the 6-inch Kicker components. A Pioneer head unit gives Jarod plenty of options for audio inputs, whereas a fiberglass dash gives him something nice to look at. A black suede headliner looks down on black leather and suede seats, while a billet steering wheel brightens up the dark expanse.

Jarod’s Dodge stands out in a crowd of other Ram owners by combining street style, wild paint, and enough bass to make the fillings in your teeth rattle out.