With more than double the horsepower over stock, this Raptor's chassis and suspension required reinforcement to handle running the desert at warp speed. The truck's frame was strategically reinforced and Livernois welded extensive bracing to the rear axle, along with a sturdy rearend girdle. When it came to the Raptor's already-capable suspension, the front was modified with a custom long-travel system featuring coilover shocks with external fluid reservoirs.

In the rear, a set of Deaver springs is used with Fox Racing 3.0 bypass shocks and a custom-welded mounting system. There's also a hydraulic bumpstop conversion, which enables more controlled absorption of hard suspension jolts that compress the suspension, as well as provide better body control when running up the side of a hill or dune on an angle. The truck also wears custom, heavy-duty brake lines throughout, which feed the admirably robust stock four-wheel disc brakes. The impressive rolling stock on this high-riding, high-horsepower beast consists of serious 17-inch Method Race Wheels' Desert Truck beadlock rims wrapped with 37x12.5R17LT General Grabber Tires.

The giant tires and extended suspension pushed out the wide-shouldered stance of the Raptor even farther, prompting the replacement of the front fenders with fiberglass replicas that are two inches wider and deliver a two-inch taller cut, giving the suspension and front tires plenty of room to operate.

With all the big attention paid to the powertrain and suspension, the remainder of the truck's details is simple, but no less effective to the contribution of its overall appearance. The front end wears a custom prerunner-style tube bumper fitted with a quartet of Vision X HID lamps that crank out 35 watts of super-bright light from their 7-inch-diameter housings. And on the inside of the Raptor, only custom-trimmed leather seat upholstery, featuring the customer's initials, differentiates it from stock.

But while we didn't get to experience this force-fed Raptor at terminal velocity, we're sure its owner is doing that at this very moment. And it's a good thing there's plenty of oil in the ground there, because with an 850hp, 6,500-pound truck running at full speed on 37-inch-tall tires, it's going to use a lot of gas. Such is the price for responding to that insatiable need for speed.

Inside the Build

2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor | Livernois Motorsports


Type: 6.6L (400ci)
Heads: Livernois CNC ported
Cam: Custom ground Livernois
Induction: Twin Garrett GT-35R ball-bearing turbos
Exhaust: Custom TIG-welded manifolds, Corsa after-cat
Cooling: Custom intercooler, aluminum radiator
Fuel System: Boost-a-pump
Ignition: Stock
Engine Management: Livernois ECU tune
Output: 680 whp
Built by: Livernois Motorsports


Transmission: Ford 6R80 six-speed auto
Rearend: 4:10 electronic differential


Front suspension: Icon long travel with coilovers
Rear suspension: Deaver leaf springs with Fox Racing bypass shocks
Brakes: Factory four-wheel disc

Wheels & Tires

Wheels: 17x10-inch Method Race beadlock wheels
Tires: 37x12.5R17LT General Grabber