After appearing on multiple truck magazine covers with his previous build, Austin O'Krinsky was forced to look himself in the mirror and decide whether or not he'd step up and create another show-worthy prize. As the vice president of Extreme Off-Road in Katy, Texas, Austin's 9-5 is helping people see their custom vision come to fruition, so it came as no surprise that he took a few minutes to dream up his own wild project. Wanting a look that was different from his red Chevy HD, he went to the local Ford dealership and signed the papers for a 2011 Ford F-250. With less than 150 miles on the odometer, the truck was rolled into the back of the shop where a five-month journey was waiting for it.

Doing things a little backwards on this build, Austin dropped the truck off to Coupland Signs in La Porte, Texas. Chuck Coupland is a talented airbrush artist, and after Austin gave him some color ideas and themes for the airbrushing, Chuck got to work. Using his Sata airbrush gun, Chuck began applying purple and silver skulls, flowing smoke, and automotive parts along the sides on the Super Duty. Residing on the hood, four horsemen are riding through a graveyard towards the Extreme Off-Road logo, adding to the eerie feel of the skulls and other underworld creatures. Several specific characters also made it onto the sides of Austin's Ford, including a female skeleton in the likeness of Austin's fiancé Merita, a winged engine piston, and a very angry flying spark plug. Attention to detail is incredible, and looking at the artwork for extended periods always yields something new you've missed the time before. Covering the truck in clear to preserve the graphics, David Kinsey stepped in and added the final touch.

With the truck back at Extreme Off-Road, the skilled fabricators began removing the factory suspension and painting the frame gloss black. Once the R&D was handled on the Kelderman 10- to 12-inch air-ride lift kit, it was then stripped down and powdercoated purple. Installation quickly got underway and the Extreme team added the optional chromed Sway-a-Way dual bypass shocks, chromed steering stabilizers, and capped each axle with a powdercoated Mag-Hytec diff cover. One push of the Kelderman air-ride switch allows Austin to instantly adjust his ride height, and even at the lowest setting, he can clear the 40-inch Toyo Open Country M/T tires with ease. Picking up a set of 22x14-inch Fuel Off-Road Octane wheels, Austin couldn't leave them alone and had them painted and airbrushed with skulls, smoke, and other underworld creatures. The extra care taken to customize the wheels is proof that Austin's truck won't be confused with any other. Large machined spikes cover the front and rear four-link bolts. These subtle additions really make you appreciate the thought that went into this build. Finishing off the exterior, black Recon projector headlights and LED taillights were installed, an RBP grille was bolted in place, as were front and rear Road Armor bumpers complete with PIAA driving lights and front-mount winch. A Pace Edwards Full Metal tonneau cover keeps items in the bed safe and secure.