Street Class
Place: 2nd

Mike Hickman is no stranger to our THROWDOWN, presented by Airaid competition, as he happily participated in our inaugural event back in 2010. His C10 performed at a high level, but the old technology, cast-iron 383ci small-block let him down in power and drivability. Fast-forward two years, and Mike has been busy making his Chevy a true powerhouse. Competing in the Goodguys autocross events, Mike is also an accomplished driver. Put those two facts together, and you have yourself a truck-driver combination that was sure to dominate. He did, taking home the Street Class slalom best time and lowest road course time. However, taking a look at the truck, you wouldn't know if it was 2010 or 2012. Styling was the only area where the truck let Mike down, and it was enough to cost him the Street Class title. No matter the results, his E-Rod–powered, Hotchkis TVS-equipped classic truck is a true testament to solid performance through proper engineering and part selection. Rumor has it a MagnaCharger may be in Mike's future, now if we could only get him to two-tone the Chevy.

At A Glance:
Mike Hickman • '68 Chevy C10

Engine: GMPP E-Rod LS3
RWHP: 360
Suspension: Hotchkis Total Vehicle System with new tubular A-arms, front and rear coil springs, front and rear sway bars, and Bilstein shocks
Rearend: Speedway Grand National 9-inch full floater with Currie 4.11 gears
Brakes: StopTech 14-inch rotors with six-piston calipers and 13-inch rotors with four-piston calipers
Wheels/Tires: 18x10-inch Rushforth Fuel on 275/35R18 Falken Azenis and 18x11-inch wheels with 315/30R18 Falken Azenis tires
Weight: 3,868 lbs
Pros: E-Rod means everyday performance, unbelievable grip, sports car handling
Cons: Much has changed under the hood but it looks the same as it did in 2010
Slalom Time: 6.57
¼-Mile Time: 13.01
Stop Box Time: 12.67
Road Course Time: 1:55.53