5th Place Street Class

When we received Matt Ochoa's email describing his truck, we were intrigued, so much so that we invited him out to compete. As a 25-year-old cook at In-N-Out, Matt proves you don't have to own your own shop or be independently wealthy to go fast and have fun. He built his little GMC Canyon in a style similar to our own builds, and watching him beat on it brought a huge smile to our faces. Those smiles were indicated once the go-pedal was smashed and the I-5 ingested 9 psi of forced atmosphere from an STS remote-mounted turbo and sent 315 rwhp to the smoking tires. Matt admitted he had never done any type of high-performance driving before, but after happily receiving some coaching, he was slashing through the slalom like a ninja. That was until the GMC started spitting and sputtering like a diesel tractor. Despite the custom ECU tune, Matt's Canyon hit an odd rpm spike and decided it no longer wanted all five pistons intact. A blown engine didn't damper his spirits, however, as Matt and his dad hung out all day with like-minded gearheads and set their focus on next year's event. We can't wait to see this underdog Canyon tearing up the track in 2013.

At A Glance:
Matt Ochoa • 2005 GMC Canyon

Engine: 3.5L Inline-six, STS remote-mount turbo kit
Transmission: 4L60-E four-speed automatic with Corvette servos
Rearend: 10-bolt GM with 3.73 locker
RWHP: 315 (tuned by Motor Machine Super Shop)
Suspension: QA1 coilovers in front, QA1 shocks and 3-inch lowering blocks in rear
Brakes: Stoptech rotors, EBC pads
Wheels/Tires: G-FX 18x8½-inch wheels with 255/50R18 tires
Weight: 3,600 lbs
Pros: Lightweight, compact, and nimble with power to compete
Cons: Remote-mounted turbos have a history of hurting engines
Slalom Time: 7.70
¼-Mile Time: 14.21
Stop Box Time: DNF
Road Course Time: DNF