Trends come and go. This isn't a particularly astonishing proclamation, however, it is a black and white fact. Building a show-stopping GMC in early 2009, Justin Veit of Insane Kustoms, in Phoenix, enjoyed taking home trophies and garnering the respect of others while competing in the show scene. Fast-forward a few years and the one-off gold paint with crazy looking clowns was still glistening in the Arizona sunshine, but he didn't have the same affinity for the GMC that he once did. Rather than just sell the truck and move on to the next project, Justin embraced the idea of creating a fresh new look out of the same truck. He and I talked on the phone about creating two late-model time machines, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I was contemplating changing up our '09 Ram when I mentioned a more hot-rod-influenced feel for the project. Justin said he was thinking along the same lines but wanted something that would last with the “here today, gone tomorrow” trends. We then agreed to build the two different trucks in a similar style—one that wouldn't grow old anytime soon. Calls were made, parts ordered, and a plan put into place to transform his '06 Sierra into a more modern looking truck with an old-school soul.

The first stop was Lucky Luciano Custom Paint, also in Phoenix. There, Lucky and his talented team of fabricators stripped the perfectly good GMC to its bare carcass. Each wildly painted fiberglass panel of the interior was sanded down and painted House of Kolor Orion Silver. While the interior was still out of the truck, the body was evaluated and an entire '07 GMC Sierra front clip was ordered from LMC Truck. The frontend conversion, as seen in issues 9 and 10 of this year, wasn't a simple bolt-on install, rather it took melding two fenders into one custom-fit piece and also required a unique fiberglass wiper cowl. Years of bodywork paid dividends, as the new LMC parts fit seamlessly and look factory-equipped. After sanding the crazy graphics off of the body panels, Lucky filled his spray gun with House of Kolor Black Diamond and applied the gorgeous hue to the entire truck. Long and wispy flames were then taped off and masked for House of Kolor Blue Blood Red and another set of licks in Orion Silver. Together, the three colors look timeless. Lucky's final assignment was to bolt on the Paramount Restyling 3D horizontal billet grille that uses 4mm and 8mm billet bars to create a unique look.