Some of us have built a truck because we were bored and wanted something silly to drive around. When I was learning to drive, my dad bought me a ’73 Baja Bug that I wrenched on and learned how to drive in. For Damien Spring of Pensacola, Florida, that vehicle is a 1980 Ford F-100. He purchased the truck for $112 and spent four months turning it into what you see here.

After Damien picked up the truck, he began the build by removing the factory frame front clip underneath the Blue Oval. He modified a ’97 Dodge Ram frame that would enable the truck to lay body and tuck a set of 24-inch wheels. Next, Damien built upper and lower control arms for the front to eliminate camber issues when skating down the highway. For maximum lay-ability in the rear, a simple two-link was fabricated and bolted up. For ’bags, Air Lift Dominator 2600s were used. To finish off the rolling chassis, a set of 24-inch AKC chrome wheels wrapped in Nexen rubber was bolted on.

Moving to the engine, Damien originally built the truck with an inline-six gas engine. However, that became boring very quickly, and Damien decided to drop in a 12-valve Cummins turbodiesel from a ’91 Dodge. With that said and done, Damien was all set to roll his windows down and cruise.

It only took four months to complete the project to this point, but Damien is as happy as could be. He wanted to send some shout outs to George Cabico, Ronnie Watson, Tony Pierson, Mike Hathaway, and Amanda Mackey for all of their help and support throughout the build. We are excited to see the finished product when Damien completes it.