1. Get rid of the square fenders
We understand that since 1973, GM trucks have had square fenders, but it is time for a change. Wheels and tires are round—it's not complicated. Embrace change.

2. Give us more engine/drivetrain options
Ford has the twin-turbo V-6 and it's selling like hotcakes. Ram has the new eight-speed auto for better performance and fuel mileage. How about a 4.5L Duramax diesel with 600 lb-f that debuted in the Suburban 2500 at SEMA 2011 or even a freshly engineered 10-speed automatic with tow/ haul, manual, and eco modes? The current three rebadged engines and an old sixspeed auto isn't the best option for 2014

3. Don't be afraid to make dramatic body changes
Looking at the 2013 and the 2014 trucks, the uneducated would say there doesn't appear to be many changes. Dramatic things like the streamlined body, sleeker grille and headlights (as seen here on the '03 Cheyenne concept truck and '11 global Colorado concept) would drop jaws. Even simple things such as LED taillights, better designed headlight LED strips, and new bed shape would help differentiate the new versus old.

4. Groundbreaking new suspension
Ram has the coil sprung rear suspension, so why not design the Silverado/Sierra with an independent rear suspension with helper airbags for towing and hauling. Yes, it would be expensive, but it would also set the benchmark for ride quality and handling.

5. Bring back the muscle truck
Remember the SS? Sigh. Chevrolet had a golden opportunity with the redesign to stir the fullsize pot with a tire-roasting muscle truck. Ram has the Express Hemi regular cab, Ford has the of-road Raptor and Chevy has zilch. Rumor has it an of-road-ready Sierra is on the horizon, but a supercharged 6.2L in a regular cab would have made our hearts skip a beat.

6. Fuel mileage leader
No EPA figures for the new trucks have been released, but imagine if GM took the aluminum hood to the next level and created aluminum front fenders and doors. Combine that with smooth front bumpers,the new mirrors, and low rolling-resistant tires and you just may have a 30-mpg truck. Obama would have loved that.

7. What's in a name?
GM dubbed their new engine line EcoTec3, as in direct fuel injection, active fuel management, and variable valve timing. Touting technology that isn't new, just new to you, as the greatest thing since sliced bread is pushing things a little too far. And is that the best name you could come up with? Was C-3PO already taken?

8. Diamond-plate bumper step—really?
A bumper step isn't a new idea, just look at the Avalanche, but what we don't like is the cheesy plastic diamond-plate covering. Somewhere, a designer is crying himself to sleep. A traditional ribbed design would have gone a long ways to making this look credible.

9. Customizable bed configurations
The Honda Ridgeline has a trunk in the bed thanks to its IRS, Ram has the RamBox storage on top of the bed, and GM missed the boat with the 2014 truck. Going to a dealership and seeing a bed opening up like a Swiss army knife would have buyers signing on the dotted line. Everyone loves more utility, and this truck could have had it in spades.

10. Don't wait seven more years
Since 2007, the Ford and Ram released four new trucks. The market share lost during that time will be difficult for GM to recoup.