One look at the 2014 GMC Sierra reveals the new truck is more of an evolution of the previous generation rather than the beginning of a fullsize truck revolution. Don't let the familiar skin fool you, however, as what lies underneath the sheetmetal is in fact revolutionary. Taking a good truck from the last seven years and improving upon nearly every area is what truck owners expect, and GM's engineers didn't disappoint with this familiar-looking fullsize truck. Technologies found only on GM's ½-ton trucks, clean-sheet-designed engines, segment-leading fuel economy, and incredible payload/tow ratings are just a few of the exciting things the GMC faithful are rightfully excited about. On a recent trip to GM's Tech Center, in Warren, Michigan, what was supposed to be several basic interviews with top-level engineers soon turned into a peek behind the curtain of how GMC designed, engineered, and manufactured the new 2014 Sierra. After they openly discussed the new technologies with us, an invitation was extended to see the truck and engine manufacturing firsthand. With our suitcases already packed, we hopped on a plane and got an inside look into how GMC makes the most important truck in their more than 110 years of existence. You can't get insider knowledge like this anywhere else.

To see the 2014 GMC Sierra assembled step-by-step at the Fort Wayne Assembly Plant, check out and While there, you can also see the new EcoTec3 engines being assembled at the GM Engine Assembly Plant in Tonawanda, New York.