We’ve never seen an Isuzu Rodeo ’bagged, let alone body dropped. But leave it to Von Chounlamany of Laodies Kustomz to build one up and slam it right back down to the ground. Von’s a talented guy, and he’s proven that anything and everything he touches turns to automotive gold. He’s a humble dude and probably wouldn’t boast about his success quite like that, but his track record does all the talking for him.

The Rodeo belongs to Von’s brother Jason, and it actually sees a lot of time on the road. It has made the long haul from Iowa to most of the major shows in the Midwest and beyond and is one of the few trucks out there that has been officially stamped with the Laodies seal of approval. Despite its mostly stock appearance, the Rodeo makes for a cool little family cruiser. It ain’t the Griswold Family truckster, though. Von saw to it that the centerpiece of this build was the 100-percent stock-floor body drop, which turns this truck from rollin’ low to flat-out flat with the flip of the switches.

You won’t see this Isuzu pulling interior awards or accolades at shows for its audio setup or wicked paintjob. But what you will see is it tearing down the highway (on the road, not on a trailer). And if it weren’t for the factory badging still in place, 96 percent of those checking it out at a show wouldn’t have the slightest clue what make or model it is. That may very well be the coolest part about this thing.

2000 Isuzu Rodeo
Owner: Jason Chounlamany
City/State:Ottumwa, Iowa
Type: Toyota 2RZ
Induction: Stock
Exhaust: Custom
Built By: Laodies Kustomz
Transmission: Toyota automatic
Rearend: 1989 Mazda RX7 IRS with five-lug hub swap
Front Suspension:1990s Toyota front clip, Firestone ’bags, custom upper and lower arms
Rear Suspension: Firestone ’bags, dual Viair 444C compressors, stock-floor body drop
Wheels: 20-inch MSR
Tires: 225/30/20