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Custom GMC Truck and SUV Reviews

  • 2001 GMC Sierra - Backdraft
    Fire has to be one of the most powerful forces Mother Nature can unleash. Often occurring in a dry area, once it begins to spread, there is no telling when its raging blaze will cease. Heat pours from the dancing flame licks and singes everything in its way. B - Read More
    2001 GMC Sierra - Backdraft
  • Trendsetter
    When someone operates one of the largest aftermarket automotive parts businesses in the industry, a lot is expected of them. Not only is their company expected to deliver a quality product accompanied by great service, but the added pressure of being on the cu - Read More
  • Historic Vehicle
    It's a strange task to write a feature on a custom truck that has such a high profile. Yet when you talk to some of the key players on this particular vehicle, it is revealed that the exact whats and whens of the buildup are pretty much forgotten. You see, thi - Read More
    Historic Vehicle
  • On Safari
    Here at Truckin', we are constantly traveling the world, striving to bring you the rarest breeds and most exotic animals ever captured on film. This month, we take you to the mysterious land known as Bloomington, California, where there were rumors that a rare - Read More
    On Safari
  • Retrofied
    Certain styles and trends within the custom truck community are imminent. No matter what crazy new direction the hobby of building and showing custom trucks goes, these modifying staples will be around forever. There are two trends that have permeated the truc - Read More
  • Trick Tow Truck
    Diesels do not get into the pages of Truckin' magazine all that often. It's not that diesel-powered trucks aren't that prevalent on the road, but trucks that are used specifically for towing are usually not given the extreme aftermarket treatment, and modified - Read More
    Trick Tow Truck
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