Many Thanks
I want to thank Truckin' magazine for putting on a great truck show in Las Vegas April 3-4, 2004. Not even the rain could ruin it, and I had a blast. The best part was the bikini contest. I cheered my butt off for all of them, but my favorite was the winner, Nikki Zeno. One more thing that made this the best show ever for me was being introduced to Nikki. Later that night, as I was walking around the show I noticed her standing on this white truck with orange flames. As soon as my friend saw me, he grabbed Nikki and they came down off the truck and he introduced us. I was shocked she took a picture with me and signed my poster. She was so down-to-earth while we stood there and talked. Not only is she beautiful, but very grateful and caring. I had the best time of my life all thanks to Truckin' magazine and the staff. I also want to wish Nikki lots of luck and happiness on her way to success. John Almeida Tulare, California

Thanks for writing in. We are glad you had a good time at our annual Truckin'/Sport Truck Vegas Nat's. We were all a little wet, but we dried out in time to put on an awesome show. Look for our coverage in an upcoming issue of Truckin'.

I would like to first off compliment you folks on putting out such a great magazine, and the fact that you are able to put it out every month, I take my hat off to you. But with the addition of the boats last year, your magazine has taken a great downfall. I know you have like 400 pages and have to cover them all each month, but please, no more boats. The boats are ruining such a great magazine - and I do mean a great magazine. Please turn Truckin' back to the Bible of trucks. Thank you for your and time and for taking the consideration to read my e-mail.Jake Appletonvia e-mail

What boats? We don't see any boats.

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