The Power of Project Big E
I picked up the February '05 issue because of what I saw on page 184 ("Hear The Bark-Feel The Bite"). That 6.0L Power Stroke diesel van probably surprises a few people at stoplights! 340.3 hp and 680.6 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels?! To say I'm merely impressed would be the understatement of 2005. I'd like to see some performance numbers on that diesel van of yours. Thanks.Thomas L. DeGideo IILansdale, Pennsylvania

That big Ford E-350 is quite the road warrior, and it still surprises us even though we get to drive it on a daily basis. We're still in the building stages right now, so performance numbers haven't really been attacked yet, but keep your eyes peeled because our project will, of course, see extensive coverage. Want to race?

Let Us Hear From You:
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Sleeper With an LS6 Under the HoodI've been off work for a minor procedure but having Truckin' around has been a lifesaver for the boredom. I often find myself with time to discuss the "What if..."projects with my co-workers. I own an '01 Silverado two-wheel-drive standard cab shortbed with a 5.3L under the hood. Now that the warranty is gone, I would like to know how difficult an LS6 Corvette engine swap would be. Are the mounts, water pump, and drive accessories compatible? Will my automatic transmission mount right to the LS6? How about the exhaust? Since these trucks have been in production since 1999, I'm surprised that someone hasn't actually done something of this nature. A blower is an excellent power-adder but an LS6 sitting there sure would look all innocent like at the local drag strip.Bob ChristianDayton, Ohio

You managed to answer your own question to some degree. The reason that there aren't more LS6 engine swaps is due to the fact that a supercharger and some additional mods will push the 5.3L motor to well above the Z06's 405 hp LS6 motor. If you think it would be fun, then by all means have at it! There are some part-location differences between your truck and the Corvette engine, so to make the swap go as smoothly as possible, you will need to get a complete motor wiring harness and computer. The computers are totally different for the Corvette application and your Silverado. The auto in your truck will bolt directly in place, as will most of the exhaust parts. If you do decide to do the swap, be sure to get some photographs our way, and while you're in there, you might as well add some roller rockers, larger throttle body, headers, and that supercharger to put superhero-sized horsepower in your LS6 swap.

Needs to Be Inserted
I've already bought some parts for my '98 Chevy S-10. I'm not finished yet even though I am trying to save money to buy a house. I can't seem to stay away from my truck. In the Feb. '05 issue on page 150, ("Tennessee Terror") I liked the way the owner installed 6x9-inch speakers in the extra cab panels. I would like to mount 10-inch subs in the same area. It looks like there is a special piece that he had to install to put them there. Is there any place I could get that piece so that I can mount my subs in that spot?Chad SimonsKokomo, Indiana

The inserts you seek are not over-the-counter pieces. To accommodate the 6x9s, the owner had an aftermarket stereo installer custom fabricate his whole sound system. You can put your 10-inch subs in a similar enclosure, but it will take some cutting of the factory plastic panels and the sub-lying metal. A wood enclosure will have to be carpentered and then covered with fiberglass to get the effect you are looking for. Check around with some audio shops because it is not the kind of stereo modification that just any shop can handle. Best of luck to you and send us some pictures when you have it completed.

Wants to Drop A Long One
I own an '04 Chevy Silverado extended cab longbed. I want to do a 2/4 drop. I guess I'm insane because no one seems to make components to drop the rear. I have spoken with the tech folks from DJM, Belltech, and Ground Force. No luck. Please help.
Franz VereykenVia e-mail

You did not specify if the truck was a standard 1500 or 2500/3500 HD. We made a quick check of DJM's website and located the parts to do the drop you specify. For the front, a pair of 2-inch lowering control arms falls under PN CA2599-L2. In the rear, DJM's information states PN HS2598-4X is the correct 4-inch extra cab, longbed hanger and shackle kit. The part numbers given are for an '04 Chevy extended cab two-wheel-drive longbed 1500 truck. Hope this helps.

Looking to Be Blown
In your Oct. '04 issue on page 236, your story on the Hard Chargin' Ranger definitely caught my eye. I own an '00 Ford Ranger with the 4.0L V-6 engine and the Eaton Roots-type blower could really give me that extra boost I've been looking for. I would like to purchase one. Could you provide me with Explorer Express' contact information?Wilbert SmithSt. Croix, US Virgin Islands

We absolutely loved the newfound tire-shredding power of the blower. You'd be hard-pressed to find any reason not to own one of those kits. Well, we're here to fulfill your desires and point you in the right direction. You can find Explorer Express at Dept TR., 1027 Bell Lane, Napa, CA 94558, (888) 397-5673,, Try to keep it in the right direction. Trucks are known for getting tail happy with a lot of power under the hood. Not that we would know, but we heard once...

An Example of What Not to Do
Dear truckin my name's ******** ******* and I spotted 2 mistakes in the February of 05 issue first February on the spine of the issue is spelt wrong then in 40+ trick bed Ideas on pg 116 you talk about Chris mercer's 94 ford F-150 well you pentied it on two different trucks his truck and a red & yellow truck above it buy the way truckin is the best and most informative publacation there is thank you******** *******odessa Texas

********You actually you did catch us with our pants down on both of those issues. We did receive a few calls and letters indicating that we spelled February incorrectly, but you were the first to bring forward the mistake in "40+ Trick Bed Ideas" in the Feb. '05 issue with the caption doubling. But, all is not well. The hand-written letter you sent us was riddled with bad spelling, and there was no punctuation to be found anywhere. The copy to the left is a direct reproduction of the original. So if any additional readers would like to send us mail indicating we made a mistake, be sure you don't have any in your correspondence to us. Thank you for the compliments though. Look us up when there is a show down your way, and we'll hook you up with some Truckin' gear.