Pacifying Our Youth
I thought I would share a photo with your staff and readers. It seems that my 6-month-old son, John, enjoys your magazine as much as I do. We both agree it's the best truck magazine on the market. I guess when he gets older I'll have to hide the keys to my truck or help him build his own.
John Little
East Coast Motorsports

Sure is a cute little bundle of joy you're sporting there. Glad to see that you are starting him off early in a hobby that can grow up and grow old with him. Be sure to teach him the ways of the welder and instead of hiding the keys from him, just give Lil' John the knowledge and desire to build his own.

Round Out Of
I have a set of 22-inch B. Coddington Stingrays on my truck. Over time I have hit a couple potholes, driveways, and railroad tracks that have created flat spots and bends in the aluminum. Does anyone make a fix-a-rim kit?
Via e-mail

Simple and to the point with that question, huh? Nobody makes a self-help kit to straighten out your curvy wheels. Most hot-rod and lowrider shops have the lead hammers necessary to get the job done, so you can try there. Also, chroming and polishing stores usually run into customers just like you, so they can get you back on the true path. Check the phone book for locales in your area.

We Make Mistakes Too
Hey, guys. My name is Clayton Tackett and I am the owner of Kustom Kolors. We are the shop that painted the Hummer and Baja package in a recent Truckin'. Very nice article; however, there is a mistake about our location. We are located in Marion, Ohio (not Cleveland, as it was written). Our shop is responsible for all the custom painted boats that come out of Baja Boats. We also do all types of other vehicles and special projects. The shop can be reached at (740) 387-5277 or e-mailed at Our website is Thanks!
Clayton Tackett
Marion, Ohio

You and your people did an excellent job on that hot combo and we apologize for leading potential customers astray. You can rest easy now knowing that we have committed ourselves to righting our wrongs. Once again, great job!

I am 15 years old and have been reading your magazine for the better part of 3 years now. My question to you is regarding my 1999 Chevy S-10. It's my first truck and I plan on changing the whole appearance of it. Reading through one of your issues, I spotted a Chevy Silverado that had the whole front clip of a Chevy Avalanche. I thought it looked sweet and I was wondering if the same could be done to my S-10. I figured I would ask before buying any parts since the Avalanche is like 10 times bigger. Keep up the awesome work.
Matt Dangler
Bryan, Ohio

An Avalanche clip isn't 10 times bigger than an S-10. Quit being so dramatic about it, geez. It's like 9-1/2 times bigger. Seriously, though, the S-10 can handle the clip, but it is a huge undertaking. You would basically be cutting the thing in half up and across to make it near fitting. We've seen Escalade, Silverado, and even Ford F-250 front ends on S-10s, so the Avalanche isn't going to be any better or worse to make fit. It can be done; it will take huge work to do it; and we think you should jump on it.

Where's The Helper Bag?
I have a 2004 Ford SuperCrew, and it has a Ground Force2-1/2-inch front and 5-inch rear drop on it. I also have a light truck that I need to tow and I need airbags for the rear of the SuperCrew to handle the weight. No companies make a helper 'bag kit for the rear of my truck with a drop kit. Are there any other solutions? Can I run airbags on the whole truck instead of the Ground Force kit and tow that way, or is it too much pressure on the rest of the truck? I need your help, guys, and thanks.
User name binkjuice
Truckinweb forums

We looked into your situation and found that as of yet there aren't any manufacturers making or planning to make a helper kit for your truck's lowered application. We were told stock or lifted-only right now. You can have a pair made up for the truck, as it's not all that complicated to accomplish by a competent shop. You mentioned going to airbags all the way around, and that will also work for you. It is not too much stress on the truck to go that route, and many enthusiasts do that now. Just because you can't find it over the counter does not mean that it can't be done. Go for it!

Steered Towards the Law
I just don't understand the law sometimes. Some of the things they want to stop us for are just stupid. I have a slight problem and I really don't know how to handle it. I hope you guys at Truckin' can help me out. I have a '99 Cadillac Escalade that I have done some modifications to, but I got stopped recently and the officer made a huge deal about one of the things I did. There is a steering wheel TV in my truck where the horn and airbag used to be, and the cop said he was going to tow my truck and that I violated federal law. He left me with a nice pile of violations but this one hurt the most because it's not something that can be written off. What's up?
Diamond Ray
Los Angeles, California

Well, it's like are in trouble, my man. Removing the airbag from an airbag-equipped vehicle is a big no-no according to Uncle Sam and his band of merry men. Then topping it off, you have a TV in its place, which is also a deal breaker. Televisions in vehicles cannot be viewable by the driver unless it is just a navigation system. Hopefully you weren't watching a movie when you got stopped. So we don't mean to rain on your parade, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently fined a couple high-profile shops for doing exactly the modification you describe. Sorry for the bad news.

No Space For Boom Boom
First, I just have to say that I have been reading this magazine for years and it's the only one I subscribe to. I love it. Now for the question. My local stereo shop, which everybody seems to flock to, is telling me that there is no room for subs in my SUV. I am driving a 2001 Chevy Tahoe, but the tricky part is the third-row seating that I have. I have 4 kids and I have to leave it in to have enough room when the wife and kids ride along. Don't go thinking I'm a bad father trying to make my children deaf. I only go loud when I go alone. Is my stereo shop right?
Ryan Teller
Houston, Texas

Do not listen to the so-called "popular shop." Apparently because everybody in your area goes to them, they are the authority but they are wrong. Check out the picture to the left and you can clearly see that a subwoofer box is installed behind the third-row seat. Look at it, don't be shy. There are four Kicker subs in that bad boy. Bottom line, go someplace else and ask again. There are many talented Houston stereo shops. Find one.

Leveling Things Out
What's happening, World's Leading Truck Publication? I believe I have a simple question but as of yet I can't seem to find the correct answer. I am looking to you and your staff for guidance on this subject. My truck is a 2004 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab 4x4. I want to put 33-inch tires under it, but with the front end raised to match the rear height. I don't want a lift kit, but more like a leveling kit to just bring up the front like 2 inches. I was told that the torsion bars could be cranked up about an inch, but the ride would be stiff, and an inch just won't do it for me. Please help me.
Kris Vargas
Lawton, Oklahoma

The torsion bar thing is the right answer but the stock adjuster won't do it for you. All is not lost, as we have just the thing for you. Ready Lift in California has exactly the part you seek. Ready Lift makes a forged torsion bar adjuster that will re-clock your torsion bars and allow you to add up to 2-1/2 inches of front lift. Your truck will clear 33-inch tires no sweat after you install the new adjusters. Ready Lift can be reached at They also have other applications for anyone else looking to do the same thing on different manufacturer vehicles.