Quadrasteer Dodge
I've had an idea kicking around for some time now and could use some outside guidance and expertise. I have a new '06 Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab with the 5.9L Cummins diesel. I originally was looking at purchasing a new GMC or Chevy HD with the Quadrasteer option. The rear steer option sounded like just the remedy for easier turning and parking, or getting in and out of trailheads. After searching I found the Quadrasteer option had been deleted from the GM lineup. That, along with a few other reasons, pushed me away from GM and into the Dodge with its roomy Mega Cab, which will suit my growing family better. Then it hit me. What if I modified the Dodge to accept the GM Quadrasteer? It would be perfect! What I'm trying to find out is how difficult it would be to find the entire rear steer unit and then install it under my Dodge. It would be a heck of a setup and would be extremely user-friendly with the long wheelbase. What are your thoughts, and do you have any advice for me?Phil GoldstineVia e-mail

Phil,We concur with you that the rear steer under the Dodge Mega Cab would be a great addition. The bad news is the GM Quadrasteer is a computer-controlled piece that we really don't know the inner workings of. It had a steering and speed-sensing system that steered at slow speeds in the opposite direction and at higher speeds in the same direction. As for modifying your truck for the install, you would basically need to cut the frame section containing the rear axle and steering system from a donor GM truck and splice it into your truck, along with widened bedsides to cover the extra-wide steering system. After that, it would be all computer modifications and you would be on your own in that department, as we have no idea where to turn to make the system work properly and safely in a non-GM application. That's a big job!

No Longer Perky
I have a 1996 Chevy C1500 that I would like to make some upgrades to. The truck is currently all stock with a 5.7L Vortec V-8, a five-speed manual, 3:42 gears, a factory posi, and 180,000 miles on the odometer. The truck just isn't as perky as it used to be and I am looking into a fuel-injected ZZ383 crate engine, MSD ignition, headers and exhaust, fresh clutch, aftermarket posi, and a fresh coat of black paint. I have seen some of the advice you have given other people and I am turning to you because my knowledge regarding these upgrades is limited. My dream is to make this truck into a good ride, and that day is now here. When considering your response keep in mind that the truck is and will be a daily driver. I won't be racing the truck or taking it to shows. Thanks!Brett AndersonSpicewood, Texas

Brett,If you want some power with fuel injection, then you have options. Your desire for the ZZ383 with fuel injection is a good choice. Rated at 425 hp, it would be no slouch, but you would need to add an ignition and fuel injection system to it to make it complete. Look to Edelbrock and its 440hp, multi-point, fuel-injected ZZ4-based engine. It comes complete from injection to oil pan and includes an MSD Pro-Billet distributor. All you need to do is add a water pump and headers and drop it in your truck's engine bay. Go with a heavy-duty clutch from a company like Centerforce and swap the wimpy factory posi for an Auburn or Detroit Locker piece to get some bite when you get on it. Feel the rush!

Frontal Pan Plan
Ihave called everyone I know and I can't get a number, web address, or e-mail to anyone that can help me. Can you give me some help finding a front roll pan for a 1969 Chevy C10? I saw one on the '72 C10 "Bad Medicine" (Volume 31, Number 5, page 248). I have tried to find the owner with no luck. I am stuck, but I will not stop looking until I find one for my truck project. Thanks for any help you can give me.RickVia e-mail

Rick,Companies that carry front roll pans are few to be sure, but you are in luck. Simply logging into your favorite web browser and going to Tuckers Classic Pickup Parts at www.tuckersparts.com will yield the results you need. Tuckers' roll pan is real steel, so you could easily leave it as is or weld it in for a completely smooth integration. Order one now!

Wires Everywhere
I recently purchased a set of headlights and turn signals from Tuned by Matrix for my 2003 Silverado. The units are projector lamps with angel eyes and LED side-marker lights. The headlights and turn signals are plug-and-play with my stock harness, but I am confused about the LEDs and angel eyes. The LEDs are actually on both the headlamps and turn signals. How do I wire up the angel eyes and LED lights to function properly? In case you need help, the part number is 09-1099-PB. Any help is greatly appreciated.DaveVia e-mail

Dave,The angel eye rings are strictly your choice, but in our opinion, you should hook them up to a separate switch that is run independent of the headlights. They are LED, so there is very little amp draw, meaning that you could safely run them from a switched power source straight to a switch in the cab. As for the LED side-markers, you could do the same thing, as the angel eyes or T-tap off the lower side-marker and the LED sidelights would be part of your turn signal source. Keep it simple!