6-To-8 Conversion
Seeing as you guys work for the best magazine in the world I thought I would bring you my question. My vehicle is a 2000 S-10 Blazer 4x4, and I have many changes I would like to make. I want to do a ram-air hood, suspension lift, and total interior makeover, then cover it with a sick paint job. All that brings me to my question about powering my Blazer. Right now the truck has a 4.3L V-6 and I want to swap in a 4.8L V-8. Where can I find one and how much work will be involved? Secondly, I would like to swap the rear bumper for a roll pan, but I want it completely flat and I can't find lower fender pieces for the S-10 Blazer. Thanks a lot, and keep Truckin' as good as it is because I can't live without it.Justin SavageFt. Stewart, Georgia

Justin,Swapping out the 6 for the 8 is really not too hard and actually has been done quite a few times judging by what we see at the shows. A wrecking yard would be your best place to find an engine, and that way you could also retrieve all the accessory drives and complete wiring harness without any additional searching. Overall, it sounds big but is more time-consuming than it is difficult. Getting your Blazer's tail flat is easily accomplished with a few pieces from Grant Kustoms. You can check them out at www.grantkustoms.com. V-8 power!

Our Fighting Boys
I am a Navy helicopter maintainer stationed in Kuwait right now. My squadron is based out of San Diego and was the first Navy squadron to be assigned the medevac mission that we are doing here in Kuwait and southern Iraq. We have been here for about three months now and will be here until the middle of December 2006. Being from California, most of us enjoy the desert life, and whenever we are out of uniform at least one of us is reading Truckin' magazine and dreaming of San Diego deserts. Attached is a picture of the group in front of our helicopters. I was hoping that maybe you could run the picture in one of your issues to boost the morale a little bit. I also just wanted to write to let you know that reading your magazine in the deserts of Kuwait and Iraq brings back a little piece of home. Thanks for making a great magazine.AZ2 Aaron Dillard2515th Naval Air Ambulance Detachment Camp Buehring, KuwaitAPO AE 09330

Aaron,I believe that we have found you in the picture of your team. It was a bit like a "Where's Waldo?" game, but all the bets are in and you are the guy in tan. Right? Keep it safe while you and your team are in the kitty litter box and we'll be happy when your group is back home enjoying the lovely beaches of our beloved San Diego. If any readers out there need something to do with their previously viewed Truckin' magazines, please send them to the above address so that some our fighting teams can keep a taste of home fresh in their minds. We're rooting for you!

Dropped My Taco
I am interested in purchasing a midsize four-door truck and have some questions regarding these vehicles. I am particularly interested in the 2006 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab. I want to drop the vehicle as low as possible, but only with a static drop. The truck needs to be lowered to accommodate not only my interests in a lowered truck, but also for easier access for my disabled father to get in and out of. Is it possible to bolt on the X-Runner suspension to the Tacoma? Please let me know any information on drop kits or aftermarket parts for this vehicle. Keep up the great work on the "world's best truck magazine."Aaron MeyerHonolulu, Hawaii

Aaron,Until recently nothing existed except airbags to lower the new Tacoma, but to the rescue comes DJM Suspension. DJM has engineered a new 3-inch front and 4-inch rear drop for the 2006 Toyota Tacoma. The kit consists mainly of front upper and lower control arms and rear drop blocks with a bolt-on C-notch. By the time you get this magazine DJM should have the parts in stock and ready to ship. Add to that a slightly lower-profile wheel and tire package and you could be cruising before you know it. Static drops rock!