Hey Guys,
I just purchased an '07 Chevy Colorado Xtreme 3.7L I-5 and I wanted to know where I can purchase a cold air intake system for it?Thanks,Rico Chavarin,Pico Rivera, CA

Hi Rico,
We have great news for you, K&N Filters (www.knfilters.com) has a 77-series metal intake kit for your new 3.7L. K&N claims 7.19 hp at 4,533 rpm with its new kit, and you can buy it from www.autoanything.com for $248.95. There you have it, we made it easy for you!

I've done some searching and have not been able to find anyone who makes a power programmer for my '04 Colorado 3.5L. Do you know of anyone who makes one for these trucks?Thanks,
Mike Virt
New Palenstine, IN

Hello Mike,
Hypertech has just released its new Max Energy programmer for the Colorado. The Max Energy technology allows you to make adjustments for more power, adjust your top speed limiter, shift points, read engine codes, and adjust your speedometer. Check out www.hypertech.com or www.autoanything.com where they are selling your kit for $379.99. Smoke those tires!

I love the hood on the black '07 Silverado featured on the cover of Volume 33, No. 6. Where can I buy that hood?
JP DeRidder
Frederick, MD

Hi JP,
You've got great taste, as that hood is awesome, but there is a catch. That hood is a one-off, meaning there is only one in the whole world and it was built especially for that truck by the talented engineers at GM. However, Keystone does make a Good Hood for the new '07 Silverado that has a dual scoop look to it. Check it out at www.keystonerestyling.com

I was admiring the hood on the '02 F-150, dubbed Wicked One in Volume 33, No. 10. I have a '99 Ford Expedition and I wanted to know if that hood would fit my vehicle and if it is really a ram-air type? I'm currently deployed in Iraq and will be home soon. I'd like to purchase it, if it will work. Thanks for your time and keep up the good work.
Harold Williams
Augusta, GA

Dear Harold,
First and foremost, thank you for serving our country and being a hero to all of us. We hope you make it home safely. That fiberglass hood is from Good Hood, the part number is GHF-103, and yes, with the optional cool-air kit it will be fully functional. Check it out at www.keystonerestyling.com We love our soldiers

In Truckin' Volume 33, No. 12, on pages 102-103 you state that the wheels are 22-inch Brentz Billet wheels, but there is no mention of them on the Brentz wheels website. What gives?
Matthew Hansen
Stow, OH

Hi Matthew,
You are right, those wheels are not available on the Brentz website, however, we did get a hold of the truck's owner, Justin Veit, and he informed us those wheels are in fact Brentz. Justin had the billet wheels specially cut for that truck. Thanks for the great question!

I have a tech question, I am about to start a project on a '65 Chevy C-10 Fleetside. I would like to install harness seat belts for three occupants: driver, and two passengers. What is the best way to do it?Being that the '65 didn't come with airbags, I feel the harness-style belts would be the best option safety wise.

Dear JeckOne,
Safety is the number one priority when driving any type of vehicle. For the early-model vehicles it was not mandatory to have seat belts from the factory, until 1968 when DOT made it mandatory for manufacturers to install seatbelts, lap-belt style, in all domestic vehicles.

Using only a safety-harness system from Deist, Impact, Simpson and other certified manufacturers would be wisely advised. The lap belt is pretty self-explanatory. There are a couple of variations of shoulder harness styles V, Y, and Twin