Hey Guys,
I just purchased an '07 Chevy Colorado Xtreme 3.7L I-5 and I wanted to know where I can purchase a cold air intake system for it?Thanks,Rico Chavarin,Pico Rivera, CA

Hi Rico,
We have great news for you, K&N Filters (www.knfilters.com) has a 77-series metal intake kit for your new 3.7L. K&N claims 7.19 hp at 4,533 rpm with its new kit, and you can buy it from www.autoanything.com for $248.95. There you have it, we made it easy for you!

I've done some searching and have not been able to find anyone who makes a power programmer for my '04 Colorado 3.5L. Do you know of anyone who makes one for these trucks?Thanks,
Mike Virt
New Palenstine, IN

Hello Mike,
Hypertech has just released its new Max Energy programmer for the Colorado. The Max Energy technology allows you to make adjustments for more power, adjust your top speed limiter, shift points, read engine codes, and adjust your speedometer. Check out www.hypertech.com or www.autoanything.com where they are selling your kit for $379.99. Smoke those tires!

I love the hood on the black '07 Silverado featured on the cover of Volume 33, No. 6. Where can I buy that hood?
JP DeRidder
Frederick, MD

Hi JP,
You've got great taste, as that hood is awesome, but there is a catch. That hood is a one-off, meaning there is only one in the whole world and it was built especially for that truck by the talented engineers at GM. However, Keystone does make a Good Hood for the new '07 Silverado that has a dual scoop look to it. Check it out at www.keystonerestyling.com

I was admiring the hood on the '02 F-150, dubbed Wicked One in Volume 33, No. 10. I have a '99 Ford Expedition and I wanted to know if that hood would fit my vehicle and if it is really a ram-air type? I'm currently deployed in Iraq and will be home soon. I'd like to purchase it, if it will work. Thanks for your time and keep up the good work.
Harold Williams
Augusta, GA

Dear Harold,
First and foremost, thank you for serving our country and being a hero to all of us. We hope you make it home safely. That fiberglass hood is from Good Hood, the part number is GHF-103, and yes, with the optional cool-air kit it will be fully functional. Check it out at www.keystonerestyling.com We love our soldiers

In Truckin' Volume 33, No. 12, on pages 102-103 you state that the wheels are 22-inch Brentz Billet wheels, but there is no mention of them on the Brentz wheels website. What gives?
Matthew Hansen
Stow, OH

Hi Matthew,
You are right, those wheels are not available on the Brentz website, however, we did get a hold of the truck's owner, Justin Veit, and he informed us those wheels are in fact Brentz. Justin had the billet wheels specially cut for that truck. Thanks for the great question!

I have a tech question, I am about to start a project on a '65 Chevy C-10 Fleetside. I would like to install harness seat belts for three occupants: driver, and two passengers. What is the best way to do it?Being that the '65 didn't come with airbags, I feel the harness-style belts would be the best option safety wise.

Dear JeckOne,
Safety is the number one priority when driving any type of vehicle. For the early-model vehicles it was not mandatory to have seat belts from the factory, until 1968 when DOT made it mandatory for manufacturers to install seatbelts, lap-belt style, in all domestic vehicles.

Using only a safety-harness system from Deist, Impact, Simpson and other certified manufacturers would be wisely advised. The lap belt is pretty self-explanatory. There are a couple of variations of shoulder harness styles V, Y, and Twin

A C-10 cab has no back seat, and it is a fairly small cab. When installing seat belts the mounting location is critical. The driver, passenger, and middle passenger can share the same lap-belt floor-mounting locations. But, it is advised to mount them separately. The mounting locations of the lap belt is very important, if it is located incorrectly it can cause serious damage to internal organs. During forward impact, the lap belt should pull down and back.

When installing the restraint mounting anchor hardware to the vehicle floor, it is important to minimize bending stress in the mounting brackets. This is achieved by making sure the lap belts pull from a straight angle against the hardware. The attachment and anchoring points must provide optimum geometry to minimize movement of the lap belt. The lap belts will perform best when it is installed at an angle between 45 and 55 degrees, relative to the longitudinal axis (floor) of the vehicle. This angle permits the lap belt to react to the upward pull of the shoulder harness.

The end attachments of the shoulder harness must also be installed at the appropriate angles. The ideal position is anywhere between 5 degrees below and 30 degrees above the driver's shoulders. The shoulder straps should be 3 to 6 inches apart, behind the person's neck to prevent slippage off the shoulders.

The shoulder harnesses and lap are connected by an automotive flap latch, latch 'n' link, compact-cam-lock, or twist-cam-lock.

There are also three-point; similar to the lap and sash that were used in the '60s and '70s. The three-point and lap-and-sash belts helped spread the energy of the moving body in a collision over the chest, pelvis, and shoulders.

Can you tell me where I could get the bullet door handles that are featured in the 2006 "Rookie of the Year" Ford truck photo
Amy Cohron

The truck you are referring to as the "Rookie of the Year" was featured in Truckin', Volume 33, No. 11, on pages 94-101. Young gun 15-year-old Shane DeBerti and his dad, Doug DeBerti, co-built the '06 Ford F-150 4x4. The door handles were manufactured by Grippin' Billet, www.grippinbillet.com, in Fresno, California, (PN 12019) Slinger with nickel bullets.

Not too many years ago, Truckin' had a tech article on the best performance exhaust. Brand X versus someone else, and I can't remember the other competitor. This would not be bad, except I am looking for a great performing set of headers. I have the last year 454ci V-8. No, I do not want a diesel. My truck is paid for and I love it. It does all I need and then some. But now I want performance. At least, please direct me where I can find exact replacement performance headers because I cannot find any.
Brian Neal
Brookport, IL

Hi Brian,
The last year of the Chevrolet 454ci V-8 engine was offered was '00. If you were looking for a set of good headers, we would look at Doug Thorley or Holley's FlowTech Headers. The Try-Y header will give a better flow velocity.

Tri-Y Header (PN 396Y-C ceramic)
Cat Back (PN8524)

Doug Thorley Headers
Dept. TR
1180 Railroad St.
Corona, CA 92882
(800) 347-8664
(951) 739-5900

Holley FlowTech Headers
Dept. TR
1801 Russellville Rd.
Bowling Green, KY 42101
(270) 782-2900

Dear Truckin',
I have an '07 GMC Sierra Crew Cab and I'm looking for ground effects or side skirts. I found some Street Scene side skirts, but they are only for regular and extended cabs. Do you know of anybody who can make those fit on my truck, or anyone who can make me some custom side skirts, or when Street Scene will have them available for my truck?Thanks,
Eduardo Soto,
Alton, TX

Hi Eduardo,
We spoke with Street Scene and the only reason they don't have side skirts available for your truck is that they didn't have a truck to mock them up on. By the time this magazine hits newsstands they will be elbow-deep in urethane, so they will be available soon. We also checked Godfather Customs and got a similar answer, so by this spring you should have at least two new choices. Odds are both of these kits will be cheaper than a custom job, especially if you have to buy some side skirts and attempt to make them longer. Be patient, check out what's available this spring, and have your truck ready by next summer!

Dear Truckin',
I own a '94 GMC Yukon 2-door 4WD and I want to lower it 2-3 inches. I've seen some kits with torsion keys and shackles and some that include shocks and springs. I'm looking for a lower level stance with a good ride and handling. So, who makes a good lowering kit for a 14-year-old SUV?
Hugh Bradley
Detroit, MI

Hello Hugh,
You've still got a few choices for your 14-year-old SUV. We just wrapped up an install with a Maxx Cam torsion key and were impressed with the results. A benefit of the torsion key is that you can adjust your suspension up 3 inches or down 2.5 inches and anywhere in between. Belltech also offers a torsion key as a part of its complete lowering kit for your Yukon. For the rear, Belltech uses 3-1/2-inch drop springs that will give you a softer ride. Belltech's part number for the kit is 3905.www.belltech.comwww.suspensionmaxx.com

Dear Truckin',
Hi, my name is Joe. I saw the article on the 383 crate-engine swap you guys had in Volume 33, No. 12, and I currently have a '96 Chevy that could use an engine. Does the computer need any special modifications before driving the truck with the new engine? Also, how much does the 383 cost vs. the 350 crate engine?
Joe Barrett
Gwinn, MI

Dear Truckin',
I appreciate your tech article on the "Big Repower" 383 install. I have had my eyes on this motor for my project for quite a while now. With all of the factory equipment that is switched over from the old 350 to the new 383, I want to know if aftermarket performance items that are manufactured for the 350, (like intake manifolds, throttle bodies, complete exhaust systems, superchargers, and etc.) would work well with this motor? Any information you guys can give me would be great
Tim Runyan
Lakeland, FL

Dear Truckin',
Where can I get the "Removal and Reinstall" manuals by Dr. Whaba that were used in your "Big Repower" articles? Also, I plan to swap the small-block in my '87 Suburban with one from a '91 Suburban. Can I also use the 700R4 from the '91?

Joe, Tim, and Tom
We'll try to answer all of your questions at once. The HT 383 E will run with your factory engine and give you a big bump in torque and power, and additional computer work will only result in higher gains. With aftermarket exhaust and headers you might lose a few ft-lbs just off-idle, but with a computer tune the numbers should be up across the board as volumetric efficiency is increased. Since a supercharger will cram a lot more air into the engine, factory injectors will likely need to be upgraded, along with a custom tune. Now for the cost. If you shop around you can find the long block, minus intake (which you will reuse) for around $4,600 to $5,000. There isn't an apples-to-apples comparison in the form of a GM Performance Parts 350, but compare that to $2,600 for a 350 long-block from Goodwrench. Unfortunately the 350 long-block from Goodwrench comes without a water pump or distributor, and it has a cast-not forged-crank, so the prices get closer when you factor that in.

Finally Tom, the R&R manuals can be found at Scoggin-Dickey at www.sdparts.com. For your transmission question, GM actually improved the 700R4 in '91, so you'll have a beefier version of the same transmission. Good luck wrenching!

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