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Dear Truckin'
I just purchased Vol. 36 #5 and was reading the tech article on your 2009 Dodge Ram titled "Booming Tunes". What brand of sub box did you use?
Lee Archer,
Union City, Georgia

We asked Joe at Audio Innovations in Glendora, California, where we photographed the install, and he said the company that built that enclosure is no longer in business. However, Subthump also makes a box for the new crew cab Ram, you can find them at

Your mag is great, I just noticed something in the current issue with the white Chevy on the front. In the "Double Duty Dualie" article it says he has 22.5-inch wheels but nobody makes a 22.5-inch low-profile load-rated tire, is that just a misprint or does Sumitomo make a 22.5 low profile tire? If they do, I'd like a set for my square body dualie. Please help and keep up the good work.
Loyal reader Bryan Braxton
Roanoke, Virginia

Good catch. The wheels on that truck did start off as 22.5-inch big-rig style, but they were machined down to accept 22-inch tires. Although tire makers don't recommend going to a lower load rating than was originally equipped on the truck, the Sumitomo tires are rated for a load of over 2,000 pounds each. So while towing capacity would be reduced by not having load-rated tires, the truck still has plenty of capability.

Hey Guys,
Just thought I would drop you a line to tell you I am very disappointed at the misrepresentation of the cover page of Vol. 36 No 6. I purchased this issue after reading the front cover which clearly says, "LIFT OR LOWER YOUR '09-'10 F-150". I read the whole magazine only to find a lift article on page 132. Where is the lower article? I have an '08 Mark LT and want to do a mild drop and since the F-150 is basically the same I was excited to read the article.
Archie, via email

Sorry for the confusion on the cover blurb. What we wanted to show the readers was the new F-150 on the cover, with the implication that you could call the shop that 'bagged the F-150, Roughcut Customs, in Bakersfield, California, and do the same to your truck. The '09 and newer F-150 is different than the '04-'08, and we have covered lowered suspension installs in previous issues. We lowered an '07 F-150 in issue #1 of this year, you can find it at
We hope this cleared up any confusion, thanks for reading.

Dear Truckin'
I've got a '92 Chevy C1500 with a TBI 5.7L, what can I do to get more power to keep up with newer trucks without investing in an entire motor?
Brian James
Watsonville, California

Depending on how far you want to go, there are the simple intake and exhaust bolt-ons, headers, and even CARB-approved engine parts for your truck that will wake up your small-block. Check out for many of the parts, and for Edelbrock's Performer Packages that include heads, headers, intake and cam. With these mods, you can realistically expect 100 more engine horsepower that will have your Bow Tie screamin'!

I've got a 5.3L from an '04 Silverado that I want to build for my C10. My question is, can I bore it to 4.0 inches and use LS2 pistons and L92 heads? I can buy L92 heads off of a 6.2L for a song and they sound too good to pass up.
Julius Johnston
Albuquerque, New Mexico

We've got to admire your quest for power, a 6.0L with L92 heads would be capable of some serious torque and horsepower, but it's not gonna happen with a 5.3L block. The 5.3L has a stock bore of 3.78 inches, and is only capable of being bored to LS1 bore of 3.90 or 3.905, a common LS1 overbore, which would put you at 346 cubes, just like an LS1. The problem is, L92 heads and their massive valves won't work on any bore smaller than 4.0 inches. There are other options though, Trick Flow has a top-end kit for 5.3L that has tremendous flow, and if you decide to bore your 5.3L you can also stroke it. A 3.905-inch bore and a 4-inch stroke will get you to a tried and true displacement for small-block Chevy strokers: 383ci!

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