As part of our continued improvement for 2010, we're opening up our Readers' Rap section to those of you having a hard time getting an answer to a tough truck question. Send in whatever is stumping you and if we can't answer it, or if we think your question is going to help out other people with a problem, we'll send you free truck gear. It's just that easy. Also, if we did something to tick you off, did something that you liked, or even if you want to make a suggestion, feel free to contact us at and we'll do our best to respond. This month's free giveaway is a pair of Mechanix gloves to protect your mitts while turning those wrenches. For more info, check out

Hey Fellas,
Now that you guys are showing under construction trucks, can I send in photos that I've taken of my F-150? I'm probably not going to get it to any shows until it's done, but it would be cool to see it in the magazine.
Kevin Peterson
Kissimmee, Florida

We'd absolutely consider photos sent in by readers for Busted Knuckles, but take care when shooting the photos. Make sure your camera is set to its highest resolution. We've received photos from high-end cameras that were unusable because they weren't much larger than a thumbnail. Also, try to get your truck outside and in even light, not half-shaded by a building or tree. Finally, use a tripod or set your camera on something sturdy, a well-lit, nicely posed, blurry truck is still just a blurry truck. Send photos to

Dear Truckin',
I read Brandan Gillogly's column in Issue #1 and it said that Jose's truck was being built at Baldy's. Isn't that the truck that is being built at SIK Fabrication? What's the deal?
Josh Meyers,

That is indeed the unibody that SIK fabrication is building. At the time the photo was taken, the body and chassis were at Baldy's so that Cody Poverelli could get the freshly chromed and powdercoated chassis assembled. The chassis was built at SIK over the past several months, but Cody offered up his services to speed up the assembly during the SEMA crunch. We didn't mean to steal any credit from SIK Fabrication, where the truck is undergoing final assembly. By the time this magazine goes out, the truck should be finished. We're eager to see the final product.

We mistakenly ran photos of Jason Lombardo's Dodge Ram with a caption stating his name is Justin. Our apologies Jason. We owe you a T-shirt.

Dear Truckin',
I saw that Truckin' has an '01 Silverado project. Why don't you guys show the install of a KP Components six-link? I've seen them on a lot of show trucks and in features, but I don't remember ever seeing an install in the magazine-just a suggestion.
Adam Bloomfield
Topeka, Kansas

That's an excellent suggestion, and it's the front-runner in our suspension debate so far. Check back next month to see what we picked.

Dear Truckin',
Recently, I was cleaning closets and found a copy of the first issue of your magazine. It was mostly vans back then and seemed like trucks were only farm vehicles. How times have changed. I am now going to take a tour of you're magazine to see how much it has changed.
Tom Lovely
Clarksville, Tennessee

We wonder if the editors then could ever imagine how the light truck market would have changed. Each generation of new trucks brings more capability, more amenities, and more comfort, and their popularity has gone up exponentially since the first Truckin' was published more than 37 years ago. That's good news for truck fans, since there are literally millions of trucks out there to choose from when planning your build. On the other hand, Truckin' still has a loyal van following, if only we could convince more of them to bring their vans into 2011 ...