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In response to our Issue 4 cover trucks:

Hey Brandan, how’s it going? Since Feature Files was the last thing I read, I’m going to email you. I just finished reading Issue 4, Volume 37, and I have a couple of comments for you guys at Truckin’. So Brandan, you gave us the opportunity to voice our opinion of what we want to see as the readers, and personally I’d like to see more night shots. I think that the trucks sometimes look better when everything isn’t in your face. It’s more subdued.

Anyway, (and this next comment is for Dan) regarding your question about whether the magazine should shoot the style of trucks you had on the cover this month: I think you should. Just because they don’t have wild graphics, or a stance that has the frame and the body both being crushed on tarmac, doesn’t mean we should overlook the custom touches they do have. Some of those candy paintjobs and murals are downright amazing. And the fact that they tuck such large wheels while being lowered is a feat all in itself. Anyway I’m ranting now, just wanted to give you guys my opinion on things

Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading the next issue.

From way up north in Canada, (and pushing -40 C weather)

Kyle Sharpe

Hey guys, I think you are doing a great job with the magazine. I really love to see what other people are doing to their rides all over the country and the world. As for me, the new style that you have showcased this month is not for me, but I truly believe that if you are a car or truck guy, enthusiasts, lover, hobbyist, or any other type that I forgot, you definitely should respect what others are doing because they have just as much time and money in there projects that we all do. If we didn’t have people willing to branch out and try new things, this whole lifestyle would be very dull.

Matt Norfolk

I think the trucks, and ones like them; belong in your great mag. I believe anyone who puts in the time and effort to customize their rides; like the three guys did, deserve to have their work shown. You have a great mag, and I cannot wait till my subscription starts.

Tim Kessler

Hey, what’s up Dan? Just want to send some feedback about the Blessings and Beatings in the new issue of Truckin’ Vol 37, No.4.

There’s nothing wrong with that style of craftsmanship, however, you have to carefully choose which ones will be in the newest issue of Truckin’.

The reason I say carefully is because a lot of those builds are done in a rush and a lot of stuff that goes into the build either isn’t connected or isn’t working properly. Most builds such as theses DUB style cars are pretty much cookie-cutter types. Rafael Ramirez’s Tahoe is one sick piece, but whatever happened to putting your own sweat and blood into your ride? I think a lot of those guys paying to get that kind of ride are missing the point of building and owning a custom ride by not learning how to do some of the fabricating. I’m not saying going to a shop is a bad thing, but try to do what you can to make the whole process a fun one. After reading the new issue, I thought the feature was a boring read because there was little to no history behind the ride or the owner. I don’t mind seeing these trucks in future issues though. Keep up the good work.

Ricky Franco

Let the rigs with huge wheels, ugly paint, and clown car exterior additions stay in Lowrider magazine... Keep the trucks with style, class, and maybe even some static drops with billets!

Jason Davenport

Thanks for all of your input guys, we had a number of emails in support of showing all kinds of customized trucks and SUVs, with only a couple that said they don’t like the style that was represented on Issue #4’s cover. The fact is that we can’t please everyone all the time, but we’ve got 13 issues each year and every once and a while, we like to spice things up.