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Hey Guys,
I just have a question and it’s been itching me for a while. Why is it you people have yet to feature a Toyota truck or even speak about a Toyota, but you sure will speak of a Nissan, which is the worst I have ever seen or ridden in. A little something would appease us all. Thanks for you attention...have a nice day.
Alfonso Ruiz

You are mistaken. We have featured Toyotas, at least five Tundras in the last two years in fact, and on there are more Toyota features than Nissan, go ahead, look for yourself. Furthermore, the Tundra was our ’08 Truck of the Year. We also covered TundraStop’s 2011 show this year and it too is on our website. Let’s make a deal. If some guy named Grommit decides to body-drop a 1st-gen Tundra and then paint it blue, maybe we’ll consider shooting it. How’s that sound? Stay tuned.

Dear Truckin’,
I am lovin’ what you guys did to project Novakane. I am new to the Truckin’ world and I have a plain, bone stock 99 2WD Yukon. I’m not sure if you guys have covered anything in the past, but I would like to know if you guys have covered anything like what you guys did to Novakane? I would like to add a lil’ horsepower and give it a nice stance and good handling. I love the magazine; keep up the good work.
DeJuan Brooks
Roselle, Illinois

We’ve done tech on that generation of Yukon/Tahoe, and most ’88-’98 suspension lowering stories will apply to the ’92-’00 SUVs. We’ll be spending some time working on a C1500 with an emphasis on handling, and we should have a feature that you’ll be interested in as well. We’re sure you’ll enjoy what we have in store for Novakane. The engine assembly is in this issue, and the dyno results will follow. You won’t be disappointed.

Dear Truckin’,
Where can I purchase big-block shorty headers for a 91 Chevy? The truck has a 4/6 drop.
Michael Deck

JBA, Hedman, Doug’s, and Edelbrock all make shorty headers for big-block 91 Chevy trucks and they are available at We’re not sure on clearance, but the shorty header should be as long as the factory manifolds, so unless you moved the upper control arm mounting point with some custom suspension work, you should be good to go with one of those.