First and foremost, I’ve been a loyal reader for quite sometime and I appreciate all the hard work and insane rides you bring to bathrooms all across the world each month.

Anyway, in Issue #4 of 2011, Warren Piggot’s badass ’86 Chevy is stated as pumping out 720 hp. Not bad, not bad at all. I own a lowered ’90 Chevy Silverado, shortbed, standard cab with a 5.7L V-8 slightly modified with a Comp cam, Comp springs/lifters/pushrods, roller rockers, Pete Jackson gear drive, JBA headers, Flowmaster exhaust, etc. Being Californians yourselves, you know the heartache that comes along with our lovely state’s stand on emissions. I hope I’m not the only one out there that has a horrendous time of trying to get my ride to pass smog with timing tweaks, etc., every two years. My point (and not knowing Texas emissions laws): Is Warren’s ride a show-only truck? If there are emissions laws in Texas similar to California, and being his truck is from 1986, how does he pass smog? It’s cruising the streets for some of your shots, so he needs to have his registration, right? Or maybe this was a look-the-other-way photo shoot. Any response would really help sort out any confusion on the subject.

Side question: Do you know if it’s possible to modify new-model pickups with cams, roller rockers, etc.? Example: 2010 Chevy V-8s?

Adam Bishop
San Carlos, CA

Thanks, we think. We’d hope that some of our magazines actually make it to coffee tables, but as long as they’re getting read, so be it. We just got back from Texas, and their emissions laws are totally different. Every vehicle has to pass an inspection, but I’ve heard that can be as simple as checking the lights and wipers and ensuring that the vehicle is not falling apart. As far as smog testing goes in Texas, it’s up to the counties. Rural counties often don’t require smog checks at all. About the late-model Chevy V-8s, they respond very well to cam upgrades because the heads have outstanding power potential, but wild cams need new computer tunes. Check out SLP at They have cam, rocker, and programmer kits that sound perfect for what you’re looking for.

Thanks for reading!

Hey Guys,
I’ve been looking for a way to make the 5.3L in my Silverado look better, but I’m on a budget and I think an intake manifold is too pricey. Any ideas?

Matthew Thompson
Victorville, CA

We spotted an upcoming product from Holley that might work. They’re called Big-Block Chevy replica coil covers and they’re made to resemble Big-Block valve covers. They’re made from a glass reinforced composite that have a cool carbon look to them, but they’re easily prepped for paint. They were designed for LS1s, so you might have to do some slight fabrication, but they use brackets that bolt to your stock coil bracket bolts and use a ball and socket just like your factory engine cover. It’s not available as we’re writing this, but keep your eyes peeled for them at