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Dear Truckin’,
I just finished reading your new mag and I loved Norm’s Dodge Ram titled “Pinnacle.” I have an ’03 Ram of my own and seeing his beautiful truck is an inspiration to work on mine. My only suggestion to you guys is to include two-page, fold-out posters in your magazines.

Omar Mojica
Dallas, Texas

Thanks for reading the magazine, we’re glad you enjoyed it. Norm Couturier’s Ram is definitely one of the top trucks we’ve seen this year, Ram or otherwise. As to your suggestion, we’re always looking for ways to make the magazine better, and posters would be a good place to start. The only problem is that it’s a lot easier to plan a poster when you’re talking about a smaller magazine that’s stapled in the center rather than bound like Truckin’. We’ll take your suggestion to heart, though.

Hey Guys,
So I was re-re-reading Issue #6 during some nice bathroom time and realized I had completely missed the story on Tom Lawson’s amazing Lightning the first few times through the mag. After seeing the pictures of the engine bay, my eyes went searching for HP and torque stats for this bad boy. Maybe I got an issue missing a page because you guys didn’t put them in there! Being a Lightning makes that the truck’s focal point. What is this beast puttin’ down on the dyno?

Casey T.
Bathroom, Humble, Texas


We’re noticing a startling trend of bathroom reading, perhaps that could explain the missing page; you tell us. Actually, we don’t have any dyno numbers for the Lightning because Tom wants to keep them a secret. But with the mods performed, it wouldn’t be unrealistic to guess the 5.4L is pushing out nearly 1,000 hp at the crank.

Truckin’ Staff,
I’m in the process of modernizing my ’71 C10 and have a question. I have a 5.3L and I was hoping to install it with a 700-R4 transmission. Will I have any problems running a new speedometer in the factory bezel?

Chris Stratton
Pasadena, Texas

Lucky for you, Auto Meter makes a speed sensor (part #5291) that threads into the transmission where the speedometer cable used to go and will work with a programmable Auto Meter speedometer that you set up using either GPS or by driving a measured mile. You can mount it, along with an existing tachometer, behind the factory bezel to update your C10 and still make it look at home. Check out