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Hey Truckin’ Guys,
In volume 37, No. 8, Page 78 you ran one little page of Jimbo Grissom, from Seminole, Texas’ 1971 Chevy K10 4x4. I wanted to see more of it online but cannot find anything here. I really love that truck!  I wish someone had a magazine full of trucks like that; I love it!  And he’s a fellow Texan too. Keep up the good work guys, I’ve been a subscriber for a long time and love your work.

Neil Campbell

We are glad that you liked our C10 section. Jimbo’s truck is definitely a good-looking Bow Tie. As with any issue, over the course of the month in which the issue is on newsstands, we slowly put the articles on the website. By the end of the month, all of the articles that are in the magazine are online. So, by the time you are reading this, you will be able to go to and see Jimbo Grissom’s truck in all its glory. Thanks for reading!

In your LIFTED edition (online) I noticed the grille combo in the 2009 Lean, Green Machine. I have a 2010 FX2 and I was wondering if they made a black billet grille with the same concept as the one on this feature truck. I would like to keep the factory stock bars if possible and use a billet surround. Also, the bumper that an aftermarket bumper or is it stock and reworked to fit a full-length grille in it? I like that look much better than having the two bumpers coming out of the plastic surrounding much better. Any info on those two aftermarket grilles would be greatly appreciated. I have been a long-time reader of your magazine, since I was 15 (11 years ago). I’m also a Marine Sgt. overseas right now in Afghanistan. Have to make some money so I can produce the show-worthy truck I’ve been dreaming of owning since my first issue of Truckin’. I appreciate everything you do to help the sport truck community.

Brandon Cirilla

First off, thank you for protecting our freedoms. We at Truckin’ fully support our troops. As for your question, the grille is a Street Scene grille insert, part number #950-80779. It only comes in the polished finish. About the lower valance, it has a Street Scene bumper cover on it, PN #950-7084. The grille insert for that is PN #950-80847. I hope this helps. When you get back to the States and get your truck ready, shoot an email with a picture of it to