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Hey Truckin',

First off, love the magazine. I am looking for a small lift (2 or 3 inches) for my 2010 Silverado 1500 Z71 4x4 Crew Cab. I already have a leveling kit installed. Would you recommend a kit with rear blocks or add-a-leafs? Which kits would you recommend? I am willing to pay a bit extra for quality.

James MacRae
Jacksonville, Florida


Thank you for reading Truckin’ magazine. You say you have a leveling kit, which I assume is a two-inch kit. So if you are looking to bring the rear back up, you could go with just blocks or if you tow, I would recommend add-a-leafs. This would help to keep the rear from sinking too far while towing. If you want a little bit more of a lift, I would recommend Skyjacker’s 3-inch lift kit (#C7361PK). It is a full kit that includes new spindles, crossmembers, and rear blocks. The kit is extremely well made and very durable. It will replace your current leveling kit, so this may not be what you are looking for but it is a great option.


I want to put 22-inch KMC XD Rockstar wheels on my 2001 GMC regular cab. I was wondering what backspacing I need, if any, to tuck the wheels into the fenders when I drop the truck?

Thanks for your time,


We are actually currently doing a project on a 2000 Silverado, which is very similar to the 2001 Sierra that you have. We are running 22-inch wheels all the way around on this one and have a 33mm offset on ours. That helps the wheels tuck all the way into the fenders. You can get away with the standard 30mm offset, but that extra 3 mm helps to eliminate any problems. Unless you have your heart set on these wheels, we would suggest another set as those are some of the most played out wheels around and the design is several years old. Our opinion is based on seeing them way too much in SoCal.

From the Heatwave truck show:

I absolutely love Project Novakane’s paint. I have always wanted a satin black paintjob. How did you guys go about it? Is it flat black paint with a regular clear?

Austin, Texas


We absolutely love Project Novakane as well. That is actually why we built it. As for the paint, it is pretty simple and straightforward but you will have to wait until our paint and body story comes out in Issue 13 and hits newsstands on October 18th. Thank you for your interest in Truckin'.

Howdy Truckin' Magazine,

I just watched the new Fast and the Furious movie Fast Five and the whole time all I could think about was y'all's Throwdown. Do you guys think they would ever make one about performance trucks? I think that would be awesome and would draw even more attention to our scene. I have a 2001 Silverado standard cab with a LS2 and some nitrous, so as you can tell I like to go fast, really fast. Maybe one day I can even be on the front page of Truckin'.

Jose Eloy Vasquez
Houston, Texas


We enjoyed the action and thrilling car chases that Fast Five has to offer, and like you, we are wondering when a movie will come out about the performance truck scene. This isn’t the first time we received a question similar to this so we know other people are thinking the same thing. As you stated, our THROWDOWN event is a huge hit, and now we have teamed up with and Holley to host THROWDOWN events in Houston, Texas, and Bowling Green, Kentucky. Keep an eye out for news about these events on,, and right here in the magazine. As a token of our appreciation for reading Truckin’ magazine, we want to send you an early copy of Fast Five two weeks before it goes on sale on October 4th, 2011. Please email your address to