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Smog Woes,
Hey guys, I hope you can help me since you are in California and probably know the smog laws really well. I am in Texas but will be moving to California to be back with my family. My truck is an '03 Silverado 1500 2WD. Originally it had the 4.8L in it with a 4L60E but I have made some modifications. The truck now has a 6.0L with a cam and headers and tune. Also, I put in a 4L80E transmission with a higher stall torque converter. Will I be able to get this truck to clear smog in California? I have heard it's quite difficult to bring in modified vehicles from out of state. I love this truck and would really hate to have to turn it back the way it was or sell it. Please give me good news.

Stephen Wayne
Austin, Texas

You are in luck…sort of. Your swap to the 6.0L engine will not fail you because that engine was offered in the 1/2-ton truck line in both the SS truck and under the Max option. Also, the transmission will be fine too. Where the fuzzy area comes in, are the cam, tune, and headers. You did not mention if the headers are full length or shorties with the catalytic converters still in place. We know you Texas guys usually take all that stuff out. Most of the shortie headers are CARB approved as long you keep the Y-pipe factory. How big is the cam? If your truck rumps like an old small-block, you can forget getting it to pass even if you adjust the tune. Plan accordingly. You shouldn't have to sell your truck, but it appears you may have to swap a few parts back on. Also keep in mind the visual inspection. Some smog check stations just pop the hood and make sure everything looks OK, but others go over everything with a fine tooth comb. Make sure the engine beauty cover from the 4.8L is in place just in case they check the VIN. One other thing that needs to be addressed is the truck's weight. In California, pickup trucks are commercial even though they really aren't. A certified weight certificate is required to gain your DMV registration as well. Look to a commercial moving company. Many have certified scales on premise and charge a small fee for the paperwork to get you legal. We wish you luck!

I love the way the cover truck on Issue 12 looks with the Yukon front end. I think the sloping front end along with the standard cab shortbed dimensions fits the two body styles perfectly. What parts would I need to make my '07 Silverado look like the cover truck and besides the expensive dealership, where can I find the parts?

Rodrigo Cabeza de Vaca

We agree with you, Ivan's GMC looks great with the Yukon clip affixed to it. The list of parts needed to perform the swap is pretty long, so we'll give you the highlights. You'll need a Yukon hood, grille/bumper, both fenders, radiator core support, both headlights, both foglights, grille insert, all of the mounting bolts, and you'll need to make a custom wiper cowl. The great thing about needing all of these parts is they can be found at for much less than the dealer would charge you. We've done a similar swap with LMC and we're impressed with fit and finish of their parts.