Whoa Hoss!
I use my lifted '03 Super Duty V-10 for towing and I know that my 37s make it hard for my factory brakes to get everything to a halt, is there any way to get better braking with my stock calipers?

Jeff Mason,
Dixon, California

The easiest upgrade would be a new rotor and pad combo. EBC Brakes makes components for your Super Duty. The next option would be a hydraulic boost system that uses the power steering pump rather than engine vacuum to charge the brake system. Hydratech makes a master cylinder for your application that can be installed in a day and dramatically improve the pressure and stopping power at the caliper. Check out www.ebcbrakes.com and www.hydratechbraking.com for more info.

Truckin' Staff,
Heys guys and gals how are you? Love the mag, I don't deploy without it! Anyways, I wanted to know what you suggest for lowering a 2006 Chevy Silverado extended cab. I already put a 2-inch drop shackle on the rear. I want to stay with my 22s on 305/40R22 tires. Do you think a 2/4 is good?

Mike Smith
San Antonio, Texas

First off, thank you for your service, and for volunteering to keep all of us safe. In regards to your Silverado, a 2/4 kit would be a nice, drivable drop for your 22-inch wheels. Right now, your 305/40R22 tire measures in at 31.61 inches tall, whereas that truck came with a 245/70R17 tire that comes in at 30.5 inches tall, so your current setup is already a full inch taller than factory. Basically, you've added a taller tire but you're trying to lower the fenders onto that increased height. A 2/4 will not rub with your current tire, but it may not provide you with the custom look that is the end goal. Unless your tires are fairly new, we'd recommend going with a 3/5 drop and going to a smaller tire. A 275/40R22 or even a 285/35R22 will provide you with plenty of contact patch and protection for a 10-inch wide wheel, but will also shrink the overall diameter for a truly custom look. Thanks again for your sacrifices and send us some photos when it's dropped and looking good.

Lowering Questions:

Dan Ward,
I've been following Novakane since its inception and absolutely love it. It actually helped me decide what my next vehicle would be and I've had my '05 Silverado standard cab short bed 4WD for months now. I have been looking and contacting and phoning many people as to how to lower my 4WD to a 4/6 at the lowest, 3/5 is okay too. Nobody out there can help, yet people on forums say it's no problem. I'd love to pick your brain a little regarding lowering a 4WD.

Randolph, New Jersey

Hey Dave,
Thanks for keeping tabs on our Novakane project, it sure is a blast to drive and completely different than the typical lowered Chevy. To drop your 4WD, I'd recommend going with parts from McGaughy's, as they have a full complement of 4WD lowering parts. For the front of your truck, a 2-inch drop spindle and torsion key would suffice and they have a 6-inch C-notch that would give you your desired rear drop. For all of their lowering parts, go to www.mcgaughys.com. If you go big on the LS horsepower and launch in 4WD high, you could have a real screamer on your hands. Happy tire smoking! – Editor Dan