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Dear Truckin',

I'm a subscriber and read your magazine religiously. In the back of one of the most recent issue (Vol. 37, No 13, 2011) with the Slickerado on the cover, there is a pickup truck on the bottom of page 119 in an advertisement for your magazine. I sincerely wish to know more about the colors and scheme on this truck. It's absolutely beautiful, and I have a GMC Sierra I'm about to paint and would like to go with these colors.

Thanking you in advance.
Thomas R. Perkins
Lake Charles, Louisiana

Hey Thomas,

That's a very interesting truck you have chosen to emulate. We truly miss having it around our offices to drive and enjoy. That F-150 was built right here, in these very pages, but without the straight axle conversion on the front. It was coated in House of Kolor Blue Blood Red, Kosmos Red, and Black, with additional pearls to make the colors enhanced in the sunlight. There are two ways for you to find out more information on that Ford F-150. One is to locate Volume 33, Number 3 from the '07 issues. The second, and easiest route, would be to check out the Super Crew online at Select the "Features" button located on the navigational menu bar, and then choose the Ford filter found under "Custom Truck Articles by Make". It's quite a few pages back so start at page 11 and scroll down from there.

What's up Truckin',

I have been a casual reader for years and am now a subscriber. I am the proud owner of a '94 Chevy C2500, and after reading about your Chevy K5 engine swap, I can't wait to do an LS swap in my truck. I have been doing some digging, but I need help finding a trustworthy shop to do the job. I read in a previous Readers' Rap where you made a recommendation on a shop to do someone's conversion, and I was hoping I could get one for a shop in the Houston or Beaumont, Texas, area. Thank you for your time and any help you give is much appreciated.

Travis Wilde
Beaumont, Texas


We received your question through our email and on our Facebook page. We applaud you in your desire to upgrade to one of the most incredible engines to come out of GM in a long time. Your best bet to make your swap go smoothly is to talk with the crew at Fastlane in Houston, Texas. We have featured some of the company's custom work before and have also witnessed it firsthand. You can point your preferred web browser to for more information on what is available for your power needs. If you prefer to show up at the shop's front door, you can find Fastlane at 10400 West Montgomery, Houston, Texas, 77088. Fastlane's phone number is (855) 426-7746. Tell them Truckin' sent you.